The Indycar in rFactor 2 won't get many track to race on and the full WEC grid is unlikely to feature.
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Why rFactor 2 Can’t Get WEC and Indycar

rFactor 2

The BTCC grid is now complete in rFactor 2 but don’t expect Indycar and FIA WEC content to follow suit. Here’s why Motorsport Games’ other licenses won’t feature as heavily in the game.


Under Motorsport Games’ control, rFactor 2 has benefitted from the addition of plenty of licensing deals. In fact, the game hosts the Le Mans Virtual series and as a result features all the championship’s tracks. It also features the modern Indycar and Indianapolis circuit as well as hosting the entire BTCC grid.

With the addition of the Cupra BTCC model filling out the National Touring Car series’ grid, rFactor 2 players can enjoy replicating races from the real world. Those that spend their weekends following America’s take on single seater racing however won’t be quite as lucky. Neither will enthusiasts of spending far too much time in front of the TV on a weekend.

Despite featuring on MSG’s list of licenses, Indycar and the FIA WEC content are unlikely to feature fully in rFactor 2. Whilst most will be thoroughly disappointed by this, it’s for good reason. Both series are still set to get their own games in the near future.

Official WEC and Indycar Games

It seems that rFactor 2 receiving full grids of BTCC cars for the past three seasons of racing is a sign. It’s a sign from Motorsport Games that its fully-fledged, standalone British Touring Car game has fallen ever further from the task list. In fact, one can purchase all the content one would expect from an official game in rFactor 2, all for under €30.

Financially, there is no reasonable explanation for doing this other than scrapping the full game project for the foreseeable future. That is exactly why Motorsport Games can’t afford to follow the same road map with FIA WEC and Indycar content.

Whilst delayed earlier this year, we are still waiting on the release of an official Indycar game next year. This will feature every car, livery, driver and track from this year’s season, and surely other seasons from the past. Currently, rFactor 2 features venues such as Indianapolis, Long Beach and Gateway. But to ensure the series’ official game preserves its attraction, don’t expect many more tracks to join Studio 397’s diverse title.

The same is true for the FIA World Endurance Championship. Just this week, Motorsport Games announced the upcoming Le Mans Ultimate game. The title, set for release later this year, will include all the cars and tracks from the exciting 2023 WEC season.

A close up rear shot of the Ferrari 488 GTE approaching the Porsche Curves at Circuit de la Sarthe.
Le Mans Ultimate is coming this year. Image credit: Motorsport Games

Currently, rFactor 2 features all the tracks from this year as well as the GTE and LMP2 cars. However, it is missing the all-important top class of Hypercars. Certainly the most exciting models of this generation, fans will be eager to try them out in-sim. So to add more of these hybrid weapons to rF2 would hinder sales of the official Le Mans game.

Future rFactor 2 Content?

So where does this leave rFactor 2? Motorsport Games holds the license to several series. But most can’t viably feature in the now decade-old title as it would impact a standalone title. The game has seen dramatic growth over the past year thanks to high quality content drops featuring Indycar, WEC and BTCC content. So now that MSG has little to no DLC themes to offer, will the game return to its steady decline of old?

Whilst developments such as the game’s own competition service and the online Low Fuel Motorsport servers will help the game stay afloat, something has to be done. Running dry on incoming releases is sure to damage the game’s player numbers. So Motorsport Games must find more car models, tracks and series to feature in its title.

What DLC ideas would you like to see added to rFactor 2? Do you think we’ll ever see WEC or Indycar feature further in rF2? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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