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Wreckfest in 2024: What Does The Future Hold?

Wreckfest is at a crucial period in its game cycle. The speculations on Bugbear Entertainment’s plans range from Wreckfest 2 to the series being abandoned entirely. Nobody knows what’s next for the destruction racing title, but what are the options?

Wreckfest Oval racing has leagues for online players that have kept the title alive and kicking after five years.
Wreckfest Oval Racing Promotion. Image Credit: Bugbear Entertainment

It is no secret that Wreckfest has been somewhat put aside throughout the last half of 2023 and early 2024. We are now five years after the release of the PC build, and the last major update was in September 2022. Ever since then, radio silence…

A dedicated fanbase spreads itself out across multiple platforms from PC to Mobile. The fantastic range of racing disciplines on offer has kept the game alive and kicking. However, with variety comes division. Wreckfest is often a very divided title with fans often coming to blows over which sort of racing is best and should receive development treatment. From school bus and lawnmower racing to realistic short oval competition, Wreckfest caters for a brilliantly wide audience.

Short Oval racing in Wreckfest displays some of the best crashes the title has to offer.
Short Oval Racing. Image Credit: Bugbear Entertainment

Wreckfest was always a title accused of being a jack of all trades and a master of none. However, the overall reception of major updates was normally positive. The diversity in their DLC packs included everything from UK spec Banger cars to ice cream trucks. But where has that love and commitment from Bugbear gone?

Wreckfest 2: Is It On The Horizon?

In a Tweet from September 2023, Bugbear stated that they are ‘Busy behind the scenes’. Halfway through January, there has been no real update on this ‘progress’. One option is that they are working on another title, potentially Wreckfest 2. It could be something different, or it could simply be another update to Wreckfest.

Wreckfest truly is up on the chopping block in 2024, it’s going to force Bugbear to step their commitment up to the title or to ditch it entirely. Only time will tell what the future holds for Wreckfest. What would you want to see in the title this year and in the future? More cars? More Tracks? or simply a return to update form.

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