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Gav Racing: Our April Hero of the Month

OverTake presents our Hero of the Month for April: content creator and video editor Gav Racing.

Any sim racing or gaming experience can produce some of the funniest moments, whether intentional or not. Many of those have been shared around on social media in various forms. Some have been heavily edited, making them even more entertaining.

Immediately, the face on the car may be familiar if you’ve been scrolling on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube Shorts. Gav Racing is a content creator from Aberdeen, and his videos of moments in sim racing paired with the iconic face on the car have resulted in him going from complete unknown to an icon in the sim racing space.

For his sudden ascent and hilarious videos, we are making Gav Racing our Hero of the Month for April!

Hero of the Month

Lifelong Passion

Gav has been watching motorsport and playing racing games for as long as he can remember. His earliest memories being watching British Touring Cars and playing TOCA: Race Driver on the PlayStation 2.

He continued to play the likes of the F1 games and Gran Turismo over the years. But after he fell out of the racing games loop, he got back into it and bought himself a wheel and pedals. Then in late 2021, he began uploading his videos to TikTok, achieving north of a million views on many of them.

But it wasn’t until he started posting his videos to Instagram little over two months ago that his recognition skyrocketed. Since then, he has well and truly blown up and was even kind enough to let us post some of his videos to our channels!

Gav’s first video came as the result of watching an episode of The Office US. In an episode where Steve Carrell’s character Michael Scott is scolding a colleague with the quote “why are you the way you are”, Gav immediately thought of a scenario where that audio would apply.

He paired it up with a clip of someone re-joining the track into the path of a speeding car. Something every sim racer has gone through, and we have all thought it when someone chooses you to be their victim.

That video performed very well, and Gav continued with this format. He has expanded into other types of videos, with pre-existing meme templates and even long form videos on his YouTube channel.

Gav considers himself somewhat of a perfectionist, and won’t put out videos he isn’t 100% sure on. There are many video ideas that he has nearly completed before leaving them on the side.

Taking the Opportunity

Gav used to do athletics and that was his main hobby outside of racing and motorsport during his time in school and university. Spending time with his partner and family are also high on his priority list.

He holds down a full time job but would love to turn his passion and skills in video editing into a profession. Currently, Gav is contemplating becoming a freelance video editor as well as continuing to grow his brand and become a full-time content creator.

Whilst his job does provide a good income, Gav would love to be able to leave that behind and spend all of his time making and editing videos. He doesn’t consider it work, even finding the editing enjoyable.

If you’re scrolling through social media and see the signature faces on cars, know it’s Gav Racing who is behind it. Wherever Gav finds himself, his content will continue to be iconic and we are sure they will be beloved.

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