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This is the True 2022 Formula 1 Simulator

Present in almost all games, Formula 1 fans have plenty of choice when it comes to simracing. In our recent video, Emily Jones lists her favourite 2022 Formula 1 simulator games.

Photo credit: EA Sports

If you’re a fan of Formula 1, you’ll most likely want a go at driving the modern cars themselves. Simracing is the perfect opportunity to do that with a plethora of games featuring the most recent generation of Grand Prix racers.

Such variety means many people will have to make a choice. In our most recent video, Emily Jones lists the Top 5 2022 Formula 1 simulator games. She breaks down which title feels the best to help you figure out what game to get and focus on.

F1 22: More Than an F1 Sim Experience

Despite not placing as high as it would like on Emily’s list, the official F1 22 game offers something the rest simply can’t. Without spending hours installing mods and patrolling game files to perfect individual drivers’ abilities, one can race a full grid of 2022 F1 cars with the correct car models and liveries.

The immersion one gets from battling Max Verstappen in a tooth and nail strategy fight or from just reaching the points with a Williams is best found in the games made by EA.

The F1 22 game also offers a very advanced and flushed out offline experience. In My Team, you run your own team. Develop new car parts and use them to fight for your outfit’s first race win and championship. While the standard Career Mode sees you move up the ranks. Impressing with good results and successful championship runs are vital to progress from team to team.

The Alternatives: Function over Form?

For hardcore simracers, the on-track feel and performance of the cars tends to be more important than the bells and whistles surrounding them. Therefore, simulators such as Assetto Corsa and Automobilista 2 also find a place on Emily’s list.

All-in-all, a game’s on-track feeling is only part of the deciding factor when it comes to F1 simracing. When some titles are offering a varied gaming experience, simply hotlapping alone in and F1 car in iRacing isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. However, to find out exactly which games ranked where, and which is the best F1 simulation experience in 2023, take a look at our latest video now!

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