F1 2020 fixes major tire bug in new patch

F1 2020 fixes major tire bug in new patch

Codemasters released Patch 1.05 for PC. Console users need to wait for the update.

Developer Codemasters deployed Patch 1.05 for F1 2020. The update is now available on PC and will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One later this week.

Gamebreaking tire bug fixed

A lot of players were bothered by a massive bug which spoiled their races. Although they used different types of tires correctly, they were accidentally disqualified in the last lap.

According to the patch notes, the bug should be fixed now.

Australia loses its Jesus

Just a few days after the release, one man already became a huge meme in the game. In the track cutscene playing before the Australian Grand Prix, a man could be seen walking on a lake. Jimmy Broadbent called him the “Aussie Jesus”.

The man has lost his holy powers but he will remain in the game.

More bug fixes and changes

Patch 1.05 also targets more bugs and introduces further improvements to the game. There are also some quality-of-live-changes being applied. Find the full patch notes below:

  • Fixed a crash that would occur after beating a rival in Time Trial
  • Qualifying times seen on the grid rundown are now correct
  • Gearbox wear is no longer scaled based on season length
  • Fixed the missing heads on the podium in Multiplayer
  • Speeding when the Virtual Safety Car is ending will now correctly penalise clients in a multiplayer session
  • When using a wheel car controls will no longer control the camera at race start
  • Xbox One Hero stats for Race Wins, Podiums and Laps Completed have been reset and will no longer be affected by or affect F1 2019 stats.
  • Vietnam track introduction video now shows the correct number of DRS zones
  • Fixed Sponsor logos on suits appearing stretched in certain conditions.
  • Fixed several end of season Sponsor payments.
  • Improved abrupt Force Feedback issue under braking on Direct Drive wheels
  • A use flashback prompt will now be shown the first time the player goes off track or collides with another vehicle
  • Numerous text and localisation fixes
  • Various other stability and bug fixes

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