F1 2020 patch adds livery and big ERS update

F1 2020 patch adds livery and big ERS update

Codemasters rolled out Patch 1.09 which brings huge changes to the optics and gameplay of F1 2020.Formula 1 is already halfway through its season, but Codemasters never cease to add big updates to the official game. The developer rolled out patch 1.09 for F1 2020 on September 14. It brings updated liveries and some major gameplay changes.

Six liveries updated

Fans didn’t have to wait long for the updated car liveries in F1 2020. Codemasters already added the black Mercedes to the game in an earlier update. Now, six more cars have been revised to resemble their real-world counterparts to the smallest details. Find all the livery changes in our slideshow below.

ERS button can now be held

“Hold ERS for five seconds.” That is a sentence we often hear in real-life F1 team radios. However, in F1 2020, players could not replicate this action because the ERS needed to be activated and deactivated by tapping the respective button.

With patch 1.09, you now have the extra option to hold the ERS button to aid overtaking. Toggle this option via Settings > Controls, Vibration and Force Feedback > Generic Settings > Overtake ERS Mode.

Another big update comes for drivers using the cockpit view. They can now enable the Multi Functional Display (MFD) as well.

Source: Codemasters

More accuracy in livery creator

To create liveries in F1 2020, you previously needed a lot of patience to get the perfect result. That was because the colors could only be changed using the in-game scale. Livery artists now get more precise tools to use as hue, saturation and luminance of the colors can be adjusted using numerical values. Also, badge emblems can be resized to look more consistent with the backgrounds available.

Source: Codemasters

There are few more changes coming to F1 2020, which you can find below:

  • Soft lock fix where a contract negotiation would not occur correctly for some users.
  • Sponsors now correctly appear on the player’s car during Weekly Events.
  • Time Trial now has an option to view a replay of the fastest lap in the session.
  • In Split Screen, AI opponent numbers can now be customized.
  • A performance issue while the Safety Car is on the track has been addressed.
  • Players are no longer briefly displayed in the wrong position at the end of a qualifying or race session.
  • Pit stop information has been added to the Race Director.
  • LAN names will now be correctly used during LAN game sessions.

In addition, Codemasters also announced a performance update for F1 2020 which is scheduled for the first half of October. According to the patch notes, the developer aims to balance the performance of Racing Point and Scuderia Ferrari.

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