New F1 2020 patch finally brings Ferrari nerf

New F1 2020 patch finally brings Ferrari nerf

After their underwhelming performances on the real track, Ferrari has finally been nerfed in F1 2020.

Photo Credit: Codemasters (F1 2020)

Since the release of F1 2020 on July 6, many players have complained about the balance of teams and constructors in the game. Especially Ferrari was rated as a top team by developer Codemasters and performed much better on the virtual tracks than in the real Formula 1 World Championship, where the Italian team is only sixth in the constructor standings at the moment. Neither Charles Leclerc nor Sebastian Vettel have won a Grand Prix this season.

With the new patch 1.12 implemented on Monday, Ferrari receives a well-deserved nerf based on their real performance. The constructor is now only the fourth best choice in F1 2020, which is still better than the renowned racing brand’s showing in the actual competition so far. Haas and Alfa Romeo also face a downgrade, since they too use Ferrari power units.

Only one constructor improves in performance with the new patch: Racing Point has earned itself an upgrade in the game and is now one of the best teams in F1 2020, just as in the constructor standings of the real world championship where they place third after 11 out of 17 races. However, none of the balance changes apply to the “My Team” mode.

Besides the balance adjustments, patch 1.12 includes some bug fixes as well as a livery update for Ferrari and team-wear overhauls for Mercedes and Red Bull. You can find the official patch notes here.

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