Bug fixes and more: first patch notes for F1 2020

Bug fixes and more: first patch notes for F1 2020

The first F1 2020 patch for PS4 and Xbox fixes some of the most urgent bugs.

Photo credit: F1 2020 Codemasters

The new F1 2020 was released last week on July 10 and the developers keep working hard to fix all occurring issues. On Thursday, the first patch for Xbox and PlayStation 4 hit the servers, adjusting some of the largest bugs at the moment.

Xbox patch notes – v1.03

  • Fixed a crash when using the Schumacher or RaceNet items going into My Team
  • Reduced the penalties given to players during safety car periods to the correct values to prevent unfair disqualifications
  • Addressed an issue where a number of players or AI would be disqualified incorrectly after passing the safety car
  • Addressed an issue where race results could be incorrect after disconnecting and re-joining an online session

PlayStation 4 patch notes – v1.04

PS4 fans do not have to adjust their gameplay much. The only change for Sony players is that an issue got fixed where leaderboards would appear blank and could cause a perpetual load in certain circumstances.

Fans who play the game on Steam, Xbox One or Stadia will not experience any further changes in-game, as there will be no v1.04 patch for those platforms.

Missing Pitcoins

Codemasters also mentioned that some players face issues with reciving their Pitcoins. The developer already announced on their homepage that they are working on the problem. If you noticed any missing Pitcoins on your account, you can head over to their forum and leave a comment.

More updates are coming soon

The developer also addressed problems with outdated content. As they stated on their page, the game was designed to recreate the original 2020 F1 season and therefore included the Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort. According to Codemasters, it is not possible for them to adjust their list of circuits to those of the revised 2020 season.

However, the company confirmed that the new car liveries and team colors, including Mercedes AMG Petronas, will be added soon. In general, it is to be expected that Codemasters will take the servers offline for 1-2 hours to conduct maintenance work, so be aware of potential server issues when entering the virtual cockpit.

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