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On this page you will find all show, player or brand photography made available for external, editorial use. The use of the provided content is restricted for editorial use by primary news and editorial outlets.

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OverTake Gallery

OverTake is here for all the pole position fighters, the livery wizards, the setup masters and drift kings, all the community builders. Together we are a solid community, and we celebrate that. Not only for everything we have accomplished this far. But for all the things that are yet to come.

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Nitro Nights Gallery

Nitro Nights is the OverTake owned YouTube show covering the most recent news on sim racing content every fortnight. Through live talks, content features and the Nitro Nights podcast, the format offers a vast variety of sim racing content under one roof. Find all episodes in our Nitro Nights section.

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Our OverTake Hosts

Our hosts Champion Joe, Marvin, Rene and Emily present you in our different formats and videos the latest news, most important games, in depth tutorials and best entertainment around virtual racing.

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Dream Team Series by OverTake

The innovative and interactive sim racing series “Dream Team Series by OverTake” welcomes influencers and their followers alike to battle it out playing F1 2021 by Electronic Arts (EA) and Codemasters. Find all episodes on Overtake’s official YouTube channel and in the DreamTeam Series section.

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Clash of Racers 1

Clash of Racers is an interactive live-show streamed on OverTake’s Twitch channel, celebrating the variety of racing games in a fun special event. The principle consists of two teams represented by some of the most popular personalities in esports racing competing against each other in several titles in the fight for the special Clash of Racers trophy. Fans are welcome to participate in the contest through various fun and exciting ways. Find out more in our section about Clash of Racers.

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About OverTake

OverTake is the go-to online hub for esports racing that offers fans, casual gamers and professionals a universal platform to meet, enjoy and learn. By creating customized content, covering the latest news of the esports racing environment, providing the latest information, entertainment and education around the multiple racing games available on the market, OverTake invites anyone to join the diverse community. OverTake aims at offering a benefit to anyone interested in esports racing, from a casual context to a professional esports environment.

The OverTake brand was established in 2020 and is part of Initium GmbH.