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Podium DD 2 Wheelbase


With the introduction of the Podium DD2, experience the ultimate Force Feedback feel. This wheel base delivers groundbreaking technology and performance.





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The ultimate performance

With the introduction of the Podium DD2, experience the ultimate Force Feedback feel. This wheel base delivers groundbreaking technology and unbelievable performance. In short, this is the most advanced direct drive out there.


The definitive Direct Drive system

The Podium Wheel Bases use an outrunner motor specifically designed for SimRacing. Instead of using a normal industrial engine, our engines are tailor-made for SimRacing without making any compromises.


German design with a 5-year guarantee

The Podium DD2 is the ultimate representation of our Direct Drive technology. Thanks to our robustly developed and advanced electronics, this wheel base is created for extreme torque levels. This solid metal product has been crafted with German precision to ensure exceptional durability. The extremely solid construction withstands both commercial and professional use. This is the last Wheel Base you will ever buy.

Direct Drive without detours

The details make the difference. Just go and win.


Wireless data and power supply

The endless rotations of our Direct Drive Motor inspired our development department to a unique data transmission solution to power the wheel base inputs and displays. This means no more flying USB cables that can easily be damaged and make it difficult to turn the wheel in a drift.


Fully certified and plug and play

The Podium DD2 is the first plug & play wheel base with direct drive and integrated electronics directly in the housing. It ensures the same effortless handling as the ClubSport and CSL series products. Rigorous EMI and ESD testing ensure stability and durability.

We are ready for the future!

The Podium Wheel Base DD2 is not only fully compatible with the existing Fanatec ecosystem, but also ready for future upgrades.


OLED Display

There is an OLED display on the front of the case. This offers endless possibilities to tweak the wheel base and features for experienced users, as well as real-time telemetry data and force feedback data.
Check temperatures, torque curves and avoid force feedback clipping.


Full compatibility with our ecosystem

Our established Quick Release system has been upgraded with a new locking system that ensures compatibility with all existing Fanatec wheels while also being interchangeable.
All new wheel bases and steering wheels will be equipped with a replaceable quick release. In the future you will have the option to upgrade to a new Quick Release system.




PC, Xbox


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