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Joe’s Assetto Corsa Rig


After starting with basics, now this is what I am using. My setup changed drastically over the last years, starting with a Logitech G25 clamped to my desk in early 2020 to what I have in store for you today.





Assetto Corsa

Driving level:

All levels

GT1 EVO Sim Racing Cockpit

The GT1 EVO is our entry level sim racing cockpit. Using the same technology as our more advanced rigs, it offers a rigid structure and great platform to take your sim racing to the next level.

Sparco Pro 2000 QRT

Ultralight Fiberglass Seat.

MOZA R9 Wheelbase

The MOZA R9 Wheelbase is faster like never before.


The GS is MOZA's E-sports ready, GT style racing wheel. A full featured, 300mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion, and no compromises.

ForceLL Pedalset

ForceLL – Pedalsets

Pedal set of 2 consisting of a throttle and brake unit.


34 Inches, Ultrawide, WQHD, 144 Hz, 1ms, HDR 400, FreeSync Premium Pro, Remote Control.

This setup was always with GT racing and especially Assetto Corsa in mind, although it’s also formed by old and new partners I met along the way.

The Chassis is a sturdy aluminium rig that will adapt to your needs with keyboard trays, an adjustable pedal rack and so on. It’s on the cheaper side but still has almost to no flex which makes this the perfect fit for everybody searching for a first proper rig.

When it comes to wheelbases and wheels I tried a lot over the last couple of years. The newest Moza hardware though really sticks out to me, as it doesn’t build on unnecessary overloaded power output, but rather focuses on what’s important. 9NM, a quick rotation, versatile software and a good price. That wheelbase pared with one of the best GT wheels on the marked the GS GT Wheel from Moza makes for a premium combo, that smells out a slide a mile away!

For the pedals I went with the Nuo Simulation Forcell, a 200kg load cell kit designed and made in Germany. I actually know the owner and know that he is building those pedals by hand! Keeping that in mind, they are dirt cheap, even if, in truth, they cost a pretty penny. What I like about the Forcell is their versatility can you drive them super soft with a lot of pedal movement or stiff like crazy, so you push against a wall.

All in all this setup is pricy and there a for sure lower cost alternatives, but if you have the change you cant really go wrong with those items.






Assetto Corsa

Driving level

All levels


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