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MOZA R9 Wheelbase


The MOZA R9 Wheelbase is faster like never before.


Moza Racing



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Driving level:

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9 N·m of Torque from a Direct Drive Servo Motor

The R9’s 9N·m of torque can simulate a full range of steering forces and car handling characteristics.

Moza R9 minimum weight

Minimum Weight & Maximum Torque

Maximum torque from a compact body.
  • Control center, convenient and fast

The MOZA Pit House control center allows a racer to check the status of a device, adjust settings, and load presets.

  • One-click Start

The driving modes such as GT, performance car, formula, rally, drifting, and karting are custom designed for racers.

  • See What you Feel

The R9 can simulate different driving experiences.

  • Custom Settings

User created custom settings for the best racing experience.

  • One-Click Ecosystem Upgrading

When firmware needs to be updated, users can upgrade all devices in the control center with just one click.

Compact and Convinient for All Driving Setups.

When using in your house, in the large space such as the living room, it could be assembled with ground brackets and special tables and chairs, simulating cockpit and enjoy the amazing driving experience. It is convenient to invite friends over to try it. However, for relatively small spaces such as gaming rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, etc., you could mount it on the desktop, without occupying much space.

Race in Limited Space

Use the table clamp to mount the MOZA R9 to a table or desk.

Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing

Unmatched quality and durability. The MOZA R9’s whole housing is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy.

Moza R9 smart temperature

Smart Temperature Control System

To ensure stable operation and endurance during a competition. The temperature control strategy uses built-in temperature sensors.
Moza R9 zero latency

Zero Latency Wireless Technology

Wirelessly transmit data and power between the steering wheel and the base.
Moza R9 quad core

Quad Core Architecture

No matter how complex the force feedback calculations get. The unique Quad CPUs can reliably process the task at maximum precision.
Moza R9 app control

APP Cloud Control

The settings of the wheel base, steering wheel, pedals, etc. can be modified through the MOZA APP. Settings can be imported with one click onto new simulators.
Moza R9 compatible

Compatible, Customizable

The R9 can be connected to all of MOZA Racing’s hardware.

Moza R9 dimensions


Moza Racing




All games

Driving level

All levels


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