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Rene’s Esports Rig


I have had more different rigs over the years than I would like to admit, starting with a Saitek R4 wheel back in the day, with the Logitech Momo Force.





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GT1 Evo product image

GT1 EVO Sim Racing Cockpit

The GT1 EVO is our entry level sim racing cockpit. Using the same technology as our more advanced rigs, it offers a rigid structure and great platform to take your sim racing to the next level.

Sparco Rev2 Seat 1

Sparco Rev2 Seat

The REV is our classic. Originally designed as a rally seat, it is a good compromise between lateral support and freedom of movement.

Fanatec Podium DD 2 Wheelbase 1

Podium DD 2 Wheelbase

With the introduction of the Podium DD2, experience the ultimate Force Feedback feel. This wheel base delivers groundbreaking technology and performance.

Podium Lenkrad Porsche 911 GT3 R Leather

Podium Lenkrad Porsche 911 GT3 R Leather

911 GT3 R. Born to Win. Podium steering wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R leather is the ultimate steering wheel for GT racing.

Sim Pedals Sprint

Sprint 3 Pedal set incl. Pedal baseplate

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint are a perfect choice for both casual simracers and professional eSports drivers. A design with powerful SmartControl software.



No matter if you are a newbie or an old wolf in the world of gaming, the 27’’ Black Hawk G-MASTER G2730HSU is the perfect companion at your side.

I have had more different rigs over the years than I would like to admit, starting with a Saitek R4 wheel back in the day, with the usual Logitech Momo Force, G25 and others on my way to my first ever Fanatec, which was the Porsche Turbo S wheel. Some years ago, I switched from my Clubsport base to the Podium DD2 to finally arrive in the age of direct drive wheels. Having spent money within the Fanatec ecosystem already, this was an easy step as it allowed me to keep using some other wheels like the McLaren GT3 wheel. The Porsche Podium wheel is what I use mostly, as I like the button layout and the additional rotary covers most of the necessary features for racing nowadays.

In terms of pedals, I was looking for something that gives a similar feeling to the real-life race cars I am used to. I ended up with the Heusinkveld Sprint set. You might ask now, why not the ultimate? And the answer is quite simple. I am not someone that adjusts his equipment a ton and, in addition, I prefer not to need to go to the gym for a year straight to be able to apply enough force onto a brake pedal.

All of this is mounted to a typical aluminum rig, in this case the Simlab GT1 Evo, paired with a Sparco Rev2 seat.

I’m still arguing with myself regarding the screens, as I love the immersion and additional awareness of my triple screen setup, but it is also more of a hassle to set up, in case you also use the screens for games that do not feature triple screen modes. I tested several ultra-wide screen solutions that I liked, so maybe that is something I would rather go for nowadays if I would set this up anew.






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