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Art Of Rally Mobile iOS Review

One of the most beloved top-down arcade racers in recent memory, Art Of Rally, moves to another platform with its debut on mobile devices.

Art of Rally finally reaches mobile app stores. Image Credit: Funselektor

Similarities And Differences

Art of Rally Mobile is a port of Funselektor’s original game. The title has been transitioned over to the mobile platform by Noodlecake Games with all the original cars and stages available. The diminutive driving game has hit the app stores for iOS devices for $5 with Android set to follow soon.

How Art of Rally Mobile Performs

Art of Rally, on PC, was always effortless to run with very low equipment requirements. However, this mobile port is the direct opposite. As I was testing different car and stage combinations, the frame rate constantly stutters and occasionally freezes. I used an iPhone 14 Pro for this test, and I do not think there is an excuse for the game to stutter on modern machinery.

Graphics options range from low to high settings. Regardless of which option was chosen, the frame rate stuttering continued. To test the framerate issues further, I linked my phone to my PC monitor and adjusted the settings accordingly. No change.

Looking past these framerate stutters and feezes, the game does run well the rest of the time on all graphics settings. Clipping and textures are consistent throughout all of the environments. Weather settings do not seemingly affect the framerate. Looking to the future, we hope that Noodlecake can improve device optimisation.

What Are The Gameplay Issues?

The gameplay issues, after around fifteen hours of play, are sadly outstandingly obvious. When landing from a sizable jump, your car occasionally diverts harshly to the right. If you land with your wheels pointing to the left, central or to the right, the same outcome happens. The clip below was recorded from my play experience.

Gameplay issues thankfully stop there with Noodlecake Games’ Art of Rally Mobile port. The gameplay is almost identical, as is the career progression ladder. There aren’t any new or exclusive cars to stages. Despite this, the handling model of Art of Rally is still as challenging and creative as ever.

Missing Content

The obvious piece of missing content is the Australia DLC pack. However, with the addition of Android support in the future, the Australia DLC is due to make an appearance alongside that addition. All other cars and stages have little to no visible changes from the PC version.

Touch Controls Or Controller?

Touch Controls

The touch controls within Art of Rally Mobile are surprisingly good. The precision required to be fast within the title is what has kept people coming back to it after three years. The touch controls keep a lot of that challenge and magic whilst still feeling fresh and new.


The option to use a controller is also available if you are not a fan of the touch controls. Using a controller is as simple as pairing it to your phone through a Bluetooth connection. Art of Rally then recognises the device and you can configure the controls and set the game up just how you want it. Just as you can on PC or consoles.

Using a controller on the mobile version would certainly be quicker than using the touch controls, which gives the mobile port very little to write home about in reality. Art of Rally Mobile would work well for someone who has maybe never tried the title and does not have a PC or console. For returning players, however, there isn’t anything new.

Have you tried Art of Rally Mobile? Let us know how you get on with it over on X @OverTake_gg or down in the comments below!

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