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Need For Speed Unbound has One Big Problem

Need for Speed Unbound, the newest part of the NFS game series, has finally released. After a disappointing last few years, the community is finally hoping for improvement. But how good is NFS Unbound really?

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Another year, another Need for Speed title. But something feels different this time around. NFS Unbound is the 25th game in the series. It keeps the gameplay formula relatively familiar. The art style on the other hand looks like it has been ripped straight from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

But our own Marvin Miller had just one minor gripe with the game. In our review of NFS Unbound, he details his issue along with everything else on offer in this new instalment of the famed arcade street racing series.

What is in Need for Speed Unbound?

Despite being called Need for Speed, ironically the game is not one that needs to be played through in a hurry. Previous NFS titles in recent years tended to last little more than six hours.

Unbound on the other hand has so much more content and it takes more than twice the time of other recent installations to complete. There’s a lot of grinding in this game, but thankfully a lot of variety to go with it. There is usual batch of street races and rivals to defeat, and heavy visual customisation for the cars as in past NFS titles.

An E46 generation BMW M3 GTR in silver with blue streams on the side.
You can’t have a Need for Speed game without Cross’ iconic M3 GTR from Most Wanted. Image credit: Criterion Software/Electronic Arts

This time around though, there are also transportation missions where you have to drive some of your rivals round. Also in the game are delivery missions, in which players can reclaim a load of high end cars, including iconic cars from NFS history like the BMW M3 GTR from Most Wanted.

As ever with NFS games, it’s an open world environment. It’s set in the fictional Lakeshore City, which appears to be based on Chicago. The heat system from Need for Speed Heat also makes a return in this game, where the player is incentivised to have the police chase them.

NFS Unbound is developed by Criterion Games with publisher Electronic Arts having merged them with Codemasters Cheshire. The game is available now for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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