What we thought of the Cammus C5
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Is this the New Best Beginner Sim Racing Wheel?

Over the past few weeks, Joe has been testing the Cammus C5 and has come to a realisation. This may be the new best beginner sim racing wheel.

Direct Drive more often than not features at the top end of the sim racing wheel market. It’s a relatively new technology that is slowly creeping its way down the financial food chain. But with its new C5, Cammus is looking to take on entry-level greats like the Thrustmaster T248 and Logitech G29.

It features a small Direct Drive system capable of putting out around 5Nm of force. This isn’t much, but it does the job of a beginner product and won’t overwhelm children. The Direct Drive system means it makes for much more responsive and immersive forces.

Cammus C5 Review

Recently, our very own Champion Joe has been lucky enough to try the little wheel out. After some time, he comes to quite the realisation; this may be the best current beginner racing wheel. Costing just $349 for the standalone wheel and $399 as a pack with a set of pedals, it sits alongside other entry level offerings. But it is the only product in its price range to offer Direct Drive force feedback.

During Jonas’ Cammus C5 video review, he mentions that he really likes the atypical design that sees the force feedback motor form part of the wheel rim itself. In fact, there is no real external body to mention. Instead, the whole wheel fits to the desk clamp which acts as the design’s anchoring point.

Jonas has many other positive words to say about the C5. However, there is one part of the package that doesn’t tickle his fancy.

If after watching our review of the wheel you are interested in getting the Cammus C5, just remember it is only compatible with PC. Do not get this in the hopes of running it on PlayStation or Xbox.

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