An image of the MOZA GS GT wheel.

Which MOZA Steering Wheel is Best?

The MOZA FSR or the MOZA GS Racing Wheel? ChampionJoe compares both wheels to give you a recommendation which one you should buy.

Image credit: MOZA

MOZA’s rise in the racing hardware market has been a rapid one. We covered their R9 wheelbase back in June and it was more powerful than a Fanatec CSL DD for less money. We were certainly impressed with it.

But a wheelbase is nothing without a rim! So Jonas got hold of the FSR wheel (€699.00) and the GS GT (€499.00) to see which one was best. The price gap is a big one, but on the surface, the only difference would appear to be the screen which comes on the FSR wheel.

So what is it beyond the screen that justifies the €200 price gap? Well, Jonas lays out the details in our latest hardware review.

The MOZA range

There are plenty of options on offer from MOZA Racing beyond the GS and FSR wheel. There are more conventional wheel designs for players who don’t want a single-seater style rim, as well as pedal sets with load cell brakes and of course, direct-drive bases.

The Chinese hardware manufacturer have slowly but surely become a more and more prominent provider of sim racing equipment. At present, the Swiss brand Logitech, the French-based Thrustmaster and also Fanatec from Germany are the leaders in the market for mainstream racing game hardware.

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