Moza R9 Review: Will it Threaten Fanatec?

We take a look at a wheel more powerful than a boost-kit powered CSL DD which also costs a little bit less. Here is our Moza R9 review.

Image credit: Moza

We’ve become accustomed to the mainstream selection of sim racing hardware brands like Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec but there’s plenty more out there. Simucube, AccuForce and the one we are talking about today, Moza.

Our resident hardware hero ChampionJoe was more than happy to give Moza’s R9 wheelbase a test to see if it’s any good!

Moza R9 Review – Better Than a CSL DD?

When it comes to bang for your buck, the Moza R9 has the market-leading Fanatec CSL DD beaten both in terms of power and cost. The Fanatec wheel typically produces 5Nm of power regularly, but with a boost kit it goes up to 8Nm.

The Moza R9 boasts a hearty 9Nm. As standard it’s more expensive than a standard CSL DD, with these two wheelbases sitting at €439.99/$439.99 and €349.95/$349.95 respectively. However, when you add the price of the CSL DD’s boost kit, it becomes €499.95/$499.95, meaning that the R9 is cheaper than the more analogous of the two.

One downside to the Moza R9 is that the it is only usable on PC, whilst the CSL DD is both PC and Xbox compatible with a PlayStation compatible version also being available. However, there are enough features to make up for this downside.

For example, the quick release system means that it only takes you a couple of seconds to switch between rims. The R9 looks the part, the materials feel good and the overall design is great. To learn more about what ChampionJoe liked so much about the wheel, including details about software and calibration, take a look at our review video now!

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