1. Voloddyyaa

    Best Ultrawide Monitor for a Single Monitor Setup

    Hello Guys! I've pulled the trigger on a full GT1 EVO cockpit from Sim-Lab. For various reasons I went for a Single Monitor setup and I'm currently in a hurry to buy one untill Black Friday sales are still ongoing. The sweet spot would be an ultra-wide and curved. Size around 32". My PC has a...
  2. callumjtc

    DIY Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pedal Project

    This will be a build focused thread, a continuation from the success of my previous thread containing a survey (many thanks for the overwhelming number of helpful responses!) for an A level technology project. The survey guided me towards building these pedals for the project which will...
  3. Ross McGregor

    Sell DSD Wilwood Pedals

    Hi, I'm looking to simplify my sim-racing setup so have decided to sell my DSD wilwood pedals. They have a load cell brake and would be a great addition to a dedicated sim rig, or for someone that is heavily into sim-racing and looking to shave off that last tenth! I've had mine for nearly 3...
  4. Nocturne

    HW - ISSUE: mclaren gt3 fanatec Rim - TC & ABS

    Hi all, did anyone figured out a way to use the 11 Position Knobs on the new GT3 Fanatec Rim in AC for TC and ABS Settings? Ingame i only can set it up to two positions. But i think there are 11 (Buttons) Positions to set it to...
  5. callumjtc

    Developing an improvement in sim racing hardware

    Hi all, I am participating in a design technology project under the context of simulator racing, completing a working prototype that I will test on my sim rig at the end of the project. The focus is on affordable consumer grade equipment, looking at shortfalls in realism and tactile feel in...
  6. Giacobbe

    Problem with Logitech DFGT.

    Gave my buddy an extra wheel which I had never used, it was a refurb(I think) DFGT that I had gotten off eBay and decided to upgrade before it even came in (sim racing probs). Anyways, everything seems to be working. Force feedback, does the full 920 calibration at startup, but it doesn’t...
  7. Maschine

    Hardware setup for tactile transducers and amplifier

    Good afternoon/morning to all. I'm trying to get my gear up and running but so far I'm hearing crickets instead of shaking. What I cannot get working: 2 x Buttkicker LFE's 1 x Behringer inuke 3000DSP Now, here's how I've tried to set it up. Please correct me if I'm wrong... I have two...
  8. Kevin Harris

    Sell T300RS Base With GTE and Ferrari F! Add On wheel

    No pedals, all in excellent condition. Upgraded to a Fanatec V2.5. $200 Will post at buyers expense... it's heavy so that could be expensive???
  9. ph0enX

    Upgrade but T300 or T500?

    Hello guys! I am not pretty new to Sim Racing, but absolutely new here. After getting back to Assetto Corsa, and other Simulators. like ETS and the upcoming pCARS2, and going to regularly play them, I want to upgrade my wheel to a better one. At the moment I am using my old G25 on a Wheelstand...
  10. Karstenve

    Vr dk2 simracing setup

    So I raced a lot on monitors but now I want to try vr. I have a pc with an intel i7-4770 but I have not bought a gpu yet. I want to just try vr first. I figured a second hand oculus rift dk2 would be a good choice to try it out. What would you guys suggest for hardware? I am aiming at sims like...
  11. RasmusP

    FPS problems without Hardware Limit

    Hi, since two weeks ago I'm having some strange issues and I don't know why. CPU is chilling, GPU is running circles around the game but I can't reach 60 fps... Didn't change anything, disabled all apps and I can recreate it with replays. If you have any idea just post it, I will try anything :)...
  12. Miguel Gonzalez

    Common button box functions

    I'm in the process of redesigning my rig with new hardware and currently researching parts to build a custom handbrake but since i need to buy a controller board to map the axis i got to thinking it would be a waste to only use 1 input. I havent decided on which board im going to use (dsd...

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