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Eduardo Gonzalez

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

If anybody has these xpacks: Alpine, Desert, City, Coastal, Forest, Haywood Club, Jungle, Racing, Savannah Grasslands, Sonw, Woodland, as well as Race Objects, European Road Elements, Ennis Extras, Road Light, Road Medium, & Road Dark, please send me a download link of each one of them. Because FYI: I am living on a disastrously tight budget on which i'm unable to purchase BTB Pro in order to access the xpacks page, beacuse i need those xpacks for a city course i'm developing, right before the demo reaches it's expiry point.
I think you are missing the point a bit.
The xpacks on the BTB website are there as an incentive to purchase.
So if you want to use them, legally you should buy the program.

Anyway there are plenty of xpacks that lots of kind users have provided for free in the link that elgh33 has providied.

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