What brands would you like to see with more engagement in simracing?

What brands would you like to see with more engagement in simracing?

  • Ferrari

    Votes: 449 35.1%
  • Porsche

    Votes: 482 37.7%
  • BMW

    Votes: 468 36.6%
  • McLaren

    Votes: 315 24.6%
  • Toyota

    Votes: 462 36.1%
  • Intel

    Votes: 154 12.0%
  • AMD

    Votes: 232 18.1%
  • Gigabyte

    Votes: 105 8.2%
  • IBM

    Votes: 66 5.2%
  • Elgato

    Votes: 85 6.6%
  • Microsoft

    Votes: 185 14.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Jimmi Allison

Project Manager
Hey guys, this time we´re looking into brands from real world to see what brands you´d like to see engage more in simracing. List is not complete, so you are welcome to put in some ideas yourself in the thread.
This is a mix of high level car to IT brands.
I think Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and BMW are well represented in Simracing, not just cars in game but also hardware. The first through Thrustmaster, the rest through Fanatec. Perhaps a Hypercar steering wheel from Toyota for LMU could be made?

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was more thinking on Talbot lago, Sunbeam, Dalahaye, Lagonda, Delage, Frazer Nash, Duesenberg. ;)

Now seriously, for me the race sim niche can be compared to the flysim niche. If we take a look at MS-FS2020 build by an in flysims un-experienced studio, that made a new benchmark for all those established flysim studios like 1C, Eagle Dynamic etc. While the establishment was sleeping, leaning backwards, being arrogant and even bullying costumers (=Jason Williams ). The “outsider” game studio behind FS2020 did not go for a predictable direction by repeating for the same trick, no it’s a complete new and fresh approach to fly sims, as a result FS2020 is now the leading flysim and that made flysims popular again. The once nearly vanished flightgear and external DLC makers are now flourishing by this game.
Now what happen if an outsider like Asobo did for the flysim world, could do the same for race sims, that are also in a sleepy repeat mode. Outsiders seeing the whole race sim gameworld from a different angle, using new technology like google/bing 3D maps, use of AI to make opponents acting more like human drivers and making them more unpredictable etc etc.
So I voted for Microsoft.
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Porsche probably has the most engagement across all sims (AC, AMS2, iRacing), hell even Rennsport has like 4 Porsche cars already. Plus the several esports competitions that they run.
For the other brands I wish they would actively try to update their cars on existing consumer sims, the new BMW M4 GT4 only shows up in Raceroom officially, McLaren has a prehistoric GT3 on iRacing, etc.
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Native Support for Streamdeck would be nice! :)
I have all the Pit Stop stuff on my Streamdeck via Hotkeys. Direct Access would be cool.

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