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2024 Racing Game Releases To Look Out For

2023 is looking like a brilliant year for sim racing releases. But let’s set our eyes forward at some racing games that might be coming in 2024.

The current year has certainly been good for sim racers in terms of new game releases and major updates. Indeed, Assetto Corsa Competizione received its revolutionary 1.9 version update. Automobilista 2 followed suit in the summer with version 1.5. But in this second half of the year, the major update releases make way for full game launches.

In his most recent video, Overtake’s Champion Joe took a look at some of the biggest racing games coming in the later months of 2023. With some big names unveiling enticing and focused single-series titles, the run up to Christmas is sure to be a good one for sim racers.

But when happens when this year’s games start getting old and racers begin looking for new thrills? Well, the good news is that the list of racing games coming in 2024 may well be longer than those released in 2023. Whilst little is confirmed, here are the names one must look out for in 2024.


In his video, Champion Joe points out that GTRevival is set to become available before the end of this year. In fact, much like the original Project Cars, this upcoming title will go through an early-access stage dubbed World of Mass Development. This development style, conceived by Straight4 Studios CEO Ian Bell, allows the developer to bring in funds all whilst gaining constructive criticism on the title.

Recently released screenshot from the GTRevival engine
Image credit: Straight4 Studios

The early access version of the game becoming available to the studio’s most enthusiastic customers prior to this Christmas according to the developer. But as Joe mentions, the finalised racing game will release later in 2024, as Bell stated in his recent interview with us.

Assetto Corsa 2

Ever since the release of Assetto Corsa Competizione, fans of Kunos’ original AC title have been crying out for a new sandbox simulator. Whilst the Competizione game is popular among those that enjoy GT3 and GT4 competition, it does very little for the more casual racer. It is still the original Assetto Corsa that takes care of that job.

But it seems Kunos is looking to change things up in 2024. For a long time, the sim racing community has known that an AC2 is in development. But a true release date eludes us all. Many financial reports in recent years have hinted at 2024. More recent rumours see Spring 2024 as the planned window. But one cannot be sure until a true announcement.

Assetto Corsa 2 will have to beat the original to succeed
Assetto Corsa 2 will have to beat the original to succeed. Image credit: Kunos Simulazioni

One thing is for sure; when Assetto Corsa 2 does launch, it will certainly require an impressive array of features to contend with its predecessor. Third party support has seen the decade-old game gain wet weather racing, a full day-night cycle, impressive up-to-date graphics and more content than one could dream of. If the new game cannot exceed this level, there may not be much point in developing it.

EA Sports F1 24

A yearly release franchise that has lasted over a decade now, there is little doubt that EA Sports and Codemasters will miss out on releasing a 2024 iteration of the F1 game. In fact, ever since 2010, sim racers have never gone more than a year without a new Formula One title.

This year’s F1 23 brought forth radically overhauled physics, appeasing the worries of simulation fans. Those that prefer a gamified experience also had a voice in the return of Netflix-esque drama, Braking Point.

A new F1 racing game will certainly release in 2024
A new F1 racing game will certainly release in 2024. Image credit: EA Sports

So what will the 2024 edition bring to the party? Well, as yet, EA Sports are yet to announce any details about the game. Indeed, that is sure to continue until spring next year. Expect the game’s release to coincide with that of this year’s game; around the beginning of summer.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown

One racing game originally slated to launch this year is Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown. However, with the development team anxious to put together a polished product, that release date has been pushed back to next year.

Indeed, the game is set to represent a one-to-one scale map of the Hong Kong island region. Plenty of exotic supercars to drive around this accurate real-world location and an intriguing faction-based storyline. The community is certainly anxious to try it out. Couple that fascinating combination with the return of the popular Test Drive Unlimited franchise. This could well be one of the best titles of the year.

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