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Best F1 Livery Mods in Simracing

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In the motorsport world, February typically means the F1 season is right around the corner. We’ve already seen a few teams unveil their new liveries for 2023, and that begged the question: what are the best F1 livery mods in simracing?

Image Credit: Kolarr on Racedepartment

Haas, Williams, Red Bull and Alfa Romeo. These are the first four teams to reveal their 2023 F1 liveries. Some, like the Haas, surprised with a key change from last year. Others like Red Bull and Williams disappointed with very much unchanged colours. Meanwhile, the Alfa Romeo is catering to racing fans with a gorgeous livery that may soon become part of F1 22.

With fans excited for the Formula 1 season ahead, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the best F1 liveries the simracing community has to offer. From daring creations to throwback designs; simracing is certainly full of livery-creating talent.

A Meme that Turned out Better than Expected

The great thing about modding in simracing is the wide array of possibilities it provides. Yes, a talented livery artist can put together gorgeous creations. But, they can also blow off some steam and put out a complete meme of a livery. I’m sure that’s how this little project started out.

Tesla Racing F1 livery mod
Tesla Racing F1 livery mod . Image Credit: joejoejoe4142 on Racedepartment

One of the largest electric vehicle makers in the world, Tesla, certainly isn’t on course for a Formula 1 entry any time soon. Despite the 2026 regulations pointing towards more electric power from the hybrid power plants, the EV maker won’t be joining the frey.

However, with the power of photoshop and F1 22, a certain Joejoejoe4142 is showing the world what such an entry would look like. With clean lines and an inoffensive colour pallet, I can’t say it looks bad. In all honesty, I would support Tesla joining the championship if their car looked this good.

Old Ferrari Updated for F1 22

With each passing year, Formula 1 fans complain about Ferrari’s drift away from their excellent liveries of old. Last season, the Scuderia tried evoking its older designs by adding splashes of black to the red canvas that was the F1-75. But, as we all know, there’s no substitute for the real deal.

Ferrari 1990 livery on the F1-75 in F1 22
The Ferrari mechanics ready to service the F1-75 in 1990 colours. Image Credit: Max Muster on Racedepartment

That’s why this recreation of the 1990 Ferrari F1 car in F1 22 is such a great mod. Not only does it truly throwback to the black and red cocktail of old, it also fits perfectly with the modern car. The harsher boundary between the two colours doesn’t shock me. In fact, the car always featured a red and black colour combination.

The great thing about this livery is that the car isn’t the only throwback. The drivers and team personnel all wear the 1990-season Ferrari team wear in-game. This doesn’t only throw the player back to an older time in F1. It also builds immersion as the whole team fits together as it should.

The Best F1 Liveries in Simracing can Resurrect Brands

This third F1 livery mod is most definitely an addition that appeals to me on a personal level. Growing up sat in the back seat of many a Saab, I have a strong attachment to the brand. Now that the Swedish manufacturer has reverted to only producing planes, I do find myself wishing for a Saab comeback.

Saab makes a return to car manufacturing in F1 22
Saab name joins Formula 1 as a manufacturer in 2022. Image Credit: Pofkenzo on Racedepartment

So, which motorsport is most similar to aviation? Formula 1. If Saab ever does decide to make a return to car production, F1 might be the perfect starting place. This livery mod shows what that move might look like. Although a fairly bland livery, mostly finished in white with some decals, it would allow the car to stand out from the pack.

I love the idea that this bankrupt Swedish automaker could suddenly appear in F1 in 2026 with Volvo power making for an all-Swedish entry. I think I might just start a petition for this to happen.

What Could Have Been in 2023

The best thing about F1 livery mods in simracing is that we can see how past rumours could turn out. Last month, Porsche and Williams teased that they might come together for an F1 partnership. As we now know, that didn’t work out, though a small piece of that puzzle in the shape of Gulf’s involvement did come together.

Porsche Williams Gulf Racing finally enters Formula 1
What a Porsche Williams Gulf racing entry could have looked like. Image Credit: MarkFelix on Racedepartment

From the British team’s livery launch, we saw that the only result of the partnership was a small logo on the side of the car. But, this skin made by MarkFelix, shows what a Gulf Porsche Williams Racing team could have looked like had the Gulf colours come out to play. Much like the McLaren Monaco livery, this car is a stunner and its creator deserves a lot of praise.

The Best F1 Livery Mod in Simracing?

We’ve already seen one brilliant tribute to a time long gone in Formula 1, but this total recreation of the 2004 season with modern cars certainly takes the biscuit. Fans that like to reminisce about the year dominated by Schumacher in his Ferrari will no doubt call this the best F1 livery pack in simracing.

Is this the best F1 livery mod in simracing
This 2004 livery pack for F1 22 might be the best F1 livery mod in simracing. Image Credit: Max Muster on Racedepartment

Ferrari, McLaren, BAR, Renault, Williams, Sauber, Jaguar, Toyota, Jordan and Minardi. Each livery from the 2004 season comes with this livery pack and allows for a mind bending experience. Seeing all these classic liveries feature on modern racecars will surely confuse long-time fans of the sport. For those who can’t get enough nostalgia, the grid makes for a stunning sight.

Just like every mod in this list, the 2004 livery pack is available to download on Racedepartment. Thanks the Modular mod, a simple drag and drop is all you need to do to install these livery packs into your F1 22 game.

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