A collage of several scenes from the game Dakar Desert Rally.

Coolest Locations in Dakar Desert Rally Free Roam

After months of waiting and delays, Dakar Desert Rally finally has a free roam mode. The 20,000km² map full of dunes, tracks and mountains is now open to be explored. But where should you go first? Here are the best locations in Dakar Desert Rally.

Image Credit: Saber Interactive / @MostlyVp

Releasing in October 2022 with a substantial road map, Dakar Desert Rally seemed unfinished at launch. Now, though, it has been out for several months and has had time to mature. In the recently released version 1.6, the title finally got a free roam mode. At long last can players explore the whole 20,000km² map.

With such a vast area in-game, there are countless interesting monuments, locations and regions to attract players’ attention. The Saudi Arabian desert is rich in history and the game does a good job at representing that. The map is broken down into several real-life regions, each with their own general feeling and events.

However, this title is certainly not exactly jam-packed with points of interest. Just like the real-world Arabian Desert, often called the Empty Quarter, the game has vast areas of nothingness. This does a great job at making players feel lost, an important part of the Dakar rally experience.

To make the free roam experience in Dakar Desert Rally more interesting, Saber Interactive has set up a selection of treasure hunts. These give players goals outside of the traditional rally raid events and force them to discover more locations. As yet, photo mode doesn’t exist in the game, though according to the development road map, it shouldn’t be too far behind this free roam mode. Look out for much better screenshots in the not-so distant future.

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