These are the best F1 mods in Assetto Corsa

These are the best F1 mods in Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

These mods bring your past and present highlights from Formula 1 right into Assetto Corsa.

Photo credit: Assetto Corsa

For fans of virtual racing, there cannot be enough Formula 1 content out there. But while the real-life Formula 1 season has already kicked off, sim racers are still waiting for the latest F1 2021 game to even get a release date. So while the community sits tight and waits for new info to be published, we had the perfect idea for how to bridge your current F1 void: the answer is mods! If we cannot have the official new F1 content for the year just yet, we can bring F1 content to another fabulous sim, namely Assetto Corsa. So buckle up and let us give you some inspiration on the best mods from the most skilled studios that you can integrate in your AC gameplay.

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