Christmas in racing games

Christmas in racing games

These racing events keep you busy during the Christmas season!

Photo credit: Mario Kart Tour/Twitter

A lot of aspects about the virtual racing world go quiet around Christmas time. But while most events take a break in the time between racing seasons, gaming titles are running hot during the holidays! If you’re looking to spend some hours on exciting Christmas-themed events in your favorite games, we might have a few presents for you in store.

Besides certified Christmas content, two more at least Christmas-related gimmicks come our way this season! Building up to Christmas, Forza Horizon 4 features a giveaway that has been running since December 17 and will wrap up on December 25. For the full set of rules and ways to participate, check out the official announcement of the event on Twitter.

Furthermore, Raceroom gifted its fans a new car that was made available in an update on December 21. The VW ID.R, Volkswagen’s all-electric racing car, will get a virtual edition in the renowned racing game, as Raceroom announced on Twitter. The in-game version is based on the original technical data of the car from VW and therefore aims to provide the most realistic driving experience possible.

We hope you enjoy all the Christmas content and wish you a Happy New Year!

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