Brawn, Lotus, McLaren and more: 7 Retro F1 liveries to recreate in F1 2021

7 Retro F1 Liveries to Recreate in F1 2021

F1 2021

Formula One car launches are well underway, and with it come some exciting new liveries. If you want to make some of your own on the F1 game that resemble iconic colour schemes of the past, here are seven we reckon you will like.

Image credit: EA / Codemasters

Starting in F1 2019, Codemasters added in a spec F1 car to use in multiplayer races, which you could customise with a bunch of preset liveries. They then expanded upon that on F1 2020 with the My Team career mode where players could pick the spec car, hire a teammate and compete as the eleventh team on the grid.

Another new addition with F1 2020, was the system by which you could earn and purchase liveries that you could then customise. They added in the Podium Pass which featured not just liveries but also helmets, driver suits and gloves, which you can change the colour of so you can add a personal touch.

The Podium Pass as of late has seen a few liveries created by personalities from both the world of Formula One and gaming content creation. Though you couldn’t change the colour schemes of those liveries to add your own personal flair to them.

Icons of Past Eras

So have you ever wanted to try matching a few iconic liveries from over the years? If you’re on PC, you can probably make your own through a mod. But for console players, that is unfortunately impossible so you have to get as close to resembling one as possible. So without any further ado, here are seven you can recreate right now on F1 2021.

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