First driver ratings in F1 2020 revealed

First driver ratings in F1 2020 revealed

Who is the best Formula 1 racer for you to pick in F1 2020? The driver rating will help you out.

Photo credit: Formula 1

The first examples of driver ratings in the upcoming Formula 1 2020 are revealed. The new F1 version will be released on July 10 for PC, PS4 and Xbox. Drivers are rated in four different categories which you can find below, including an overall rating to compare their stats and skills with each other.

The Formula 1 and Formula 2 stars are being assigned stats from 1-99. The higher the score, the better they mastered that particular skill. Depending on their raitng, they perform differently in-game. These are the four categories:

  • Experience: A higher experience score will help players collect ‘Resource Points’, which are used in the game to buy car upgrades.
  • Racecraft: A higher racecraft score allows the driver to execute more effective overtakes.
  • Awareness: A higher score here means the driver is less likely to lose control of their car when it gets tough.
  • Pace: Quite simply, the higher the pace score, the faster the driver.

So far, the ratings of eight different drivers have been revealed, as well as their contract costs in the game mode “My Team”.

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