How Sebastian Vettel changed throughout F1 games

How Sebastian Vettel changed throughout F1 games

A time lapse from F1 2011 to F1 2020: Sebastian Vettel and his video game mini-me.

Photo credit: Morio / Codemasters / JaCastro7

From a cluster of pixels vaguely resembling a human to a detailed video game embodiment: we take a look at the evolution of four-times World Champion Sebastian Vettel in the annual Formula 1 games from Codemasters.

Remember when you played your very first racing game as a kid? Once you got your hands on your controller, it magically turned into a real steering wheel and the screen in front of you was a gateway into the real world of motorsports. These titles created an immersion where it felt like you were really racing alongside Formula 1 legends.

However, when taking a look back in time, the life-like facade in these games turns out to be rather pixelated and far from reality at times. So we at OverTake took a deep dive into the history of Codemasters’ Formula 1 series and investigated how the graphics have changed over the years.

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