The Evolution of the Dodge Viper

The Evolution of the Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper is a real-life and virtual icon and had one of the most amazing in-game evolutions!

Photo credit: MotoGamesTV / GT Sport

Throughout the history of racing games, there were always certain car models that just had to be included in every title that entered the market – the Dodge Viper certainly being one of them. Also known as Chrysler Viper or SRT Viper, the American classic has been such an influential and iconic ride on the real-world track that an authentic racing game without it is almost unimaginable.

With production beginning in 1992, the last of the Viper line rolled onto the streets in 2017. In the virtual world, however, the icon’s era is anything but over – the Viper looks better than ever and it’s a joy to see how far it has already come. Speaking of which: let’s have a look at the evolution of the popular model in racing games!

The steadily improving looks of the Dodge Viper are of course closely tied to the overall technological enhancement of video games. Another example of this can be seen in the depiction of drivers in racing games. Have a look at the visual evolution of Sebastian Vettel in F1 games for comparison!

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