Here are Our Favourite Esports Racing Team Liveries

Our Favourite Esports Racing Team Liveries

With the rise to prominence of esports racing teams, comes the eye-catching liveries that provide them with their identity. Here are the ones we reckon are some of the best in the virtual world of motorsport.

Image credit: SRO Esports

What’s your favourite motorsport livery? Maybe it’s the late 80’s red and white , or a car that is sponsored by Gulf with its iconic blue and orange colour scheme. Hey, maybe you can appreciate the colour pink which is what makes Austrian water company BWT’s sponsored vehicles so easy to spot.

So when esports racing began becoming mainstream, more and more teams would be joining and thus earning fame in their own right. That being partly because of their success, and partly because of their engagement with their fans. However, the first thing that prospective fans will notice is a car’s livery, and a good first impression can go a long way.

We here at OverTake thought we would compile a list of some of our favourite liveries from esports racing teams.

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