Racing games that were ahead of their time

Racing games that were ahead of their time

Some racing games are revolutionary. Check out our gallery of those that helped shape the future of the industry.

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The release of a new game is an exciting time. The makers feed us “sneak peeks” and previews to build the anticipation and create a buzz. But it’s only when we play the game for the first time that we can really tell how good it is. While some are almost instantly forgotten, others attain legendary status and help shape the future of the industry.

Game changers

Every game aims to better its predecessor, but every so often one comes along that pushes beyond what we believed was possible at the time. Even today, these games stand tall among their comtemporary rivals and are viewed as milestones in the history of gaming.

Check out our gallery celebrating the racing games that helped shape the industry into the one we know and love today:

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