Vision Gran Turismo Cars Past and Present

Vision Gran Turismo Cars Past and Present

With the announcement of the upcoming Porsche Vision GT car, we decided to take a look back at some other cars which were developed for the Vision Gran Turismo programme.Image credit: Porsche

Most simracing games try their hardest to emulate real life, including with the cars or other vehicles available for players to drive in game. Some of them go to incredible lengths to make sure every car they have in their simulation is perfectly accurate to its real-world counterpart. However, not all cars have to be a copy of a real thing to be realistic. That’s where Gran Turismo’s Vision GT cars come in. These are effectly concept cars which are rendered exclusively in the Gran Turismo games, rather than in real life, giving players the opportunity to try out technology which is yet to, and sometimes never will, make it to an actual, real life car.

With the reveal of the new Porsche Vision GT which will be a part of the upcoming and hotly-awaited Gran Turismo 7, we decided to take a look at just some of the incredible designs that have been realised in the world of Gran Turismo in the past.

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