The most hilarious rides in Wreckfest

The most hilarious rides in Wreckfest

These are the ten most hilarious vehicles to crash in Wreckfest!

Photo credit: Wreckfest / Steam

Virtual racing comes in various shapes and genres. While simulation racing and esports occupy one end of the scale, arcade and fun racers lie on the opposite side – and somewhere between the two, there is room for the craziest iterations. This wide-ranging and diverse space in the middle is exactly where you’ll find Wreckfest. The unconventional concept of THQ Nordic’s racing game stays true to its name: Instead of realistic virtual racing, it sets the focus on realistic virtual crashing above anything else. Throwing a number of players and bots into an arena, the game gives way to the ultimate demolition party and loads of fun in between crooked metal and squealing tires.

But unleashing their rage isn’t all the game offers to players: As they score points by raining chaos and destruction on their AI opponents, every mastered challenge unlocks more and more vehicles to use for the wrecking. Even if it weren’t for the countless customization options, the rides are quite unusual and deserve a dedicated highlight reel: Here are our favorite, craziest vehicles in Wreckfest!

Even without further DLC content, Wreckfest isn’t short on exciting options for racing – and crashing – in terms of vehicles and arenas. Especially the multiplayer mode adds a worthwhile feature that makes the game perfect for winding down after a packed day of esports racing. With that being said, it’s time to buckle up and enjoy your very own wreckfest!

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