These are the best custom skins for ACC

These are the best custom skins for ACC

Can’t find a livery in ACC that suits you? Try these custom skins which combine your passion for F1 and GT racing, or simply look awesome.

Photo credit: RaceDepartment / db-design

ACC is a favourite here at OverTake, and it’s easy to see why. If you love competitive racing and are happy to stick to GT class cars, there are very few games that rival it. It also has a strong community of loyal fans who help make the game even better, investing a lot of time and effort into creating homemade skins. Do you want to merge the worlds of F1 and GT racing by plastering a Mercedes AMG GT with a Mercedes AMG F1 livery? Well, now you can!

The sky is the limit as far as creativity is concerned. So if you want to show your allegiance to a particular F1 team or simply jazz up your garage a bit, check out our gallery of the best skins for ACC.

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