PS5 and Xbox X: What do they offer for racers?

PS5 and Xbox X: What do they offer for racers?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are coming – here is what racing gamers can look forward to most.

Photo credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Microsoft

The releases of the next-generation consoles are upon us: the Xbox Series X and S entered markets worldwide on November 10, and the PS5 will join it in the US on November 12 and everywhere else on November 19. According to the developers, the next-gen platforms have tons of features to look forward to. Of course, we are especially interested in what they have to offer from a virtual racer’s perspective. Here are a few characteristics about the new consoles that struck us as especially convenient for playing racing games:

The Xbox X and S Series and PS5 will therefore have some characteristics making them remarkably suitable for virtual racing. Besides that, we will keep an eye on all the promising racing titles being launched for the new consoles and will keep you updated on our highlights!

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