Tips & Tricks for 7 DIRT 5 Playgrounds

Tips & Tricks for 7 DIRT 5 Playgrounds

While DIRT 5 is only a few days out, there are already some interesting and creative playgrounds. Here is how you beat them.

Photo credit: OverTake

DIRT 5 features a lot of interesting disciplines in its “Playground” mode such as “Gate Crasher”, “Smash Attack” or “Gymkhana”. Whereas “Gate Crasher” is a simple checkpoint race, you need to hit different objects in “Smash Attack”. Finally, “Gymkhana” is the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater among racing disciplines. You have to do chain drifts, jumps and donuts to hit the highscore. Each of them can be practiced and mastered by heeding the right advice. Many playgrounds have some very unique twists due to their creative architecture, turning the usual gameplay upside-down. We show you how to climb their scoreboards. Here are seven pieces of advice for the most popular or creative playgrounds so far.

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