Hardware for sim racers with disabilities

Hardware for sim racers with disabilities

Get some inspiration for adaptive hardware options used by virtual racers with disabilities.

Photo credit: PARALIFE on YouTube

The world of virtual racing unites players through one quality alone: Their passion for sim racing. As such, it is wonderful to see sim racing becoming an increasingly diverse space over the last years. People with disabilites have long since established their place in real-life racing – thinking, for example, of Nathalie McGloin or Alex Zanardi. Impressively, all-disabled teams have now also entered the esports racing world: Line-ups like the ones of SimAbility or eTeam BRIT demonstrate real racing expertise.

While disabled members of the scene initially face different challenges from able-bodied racers, that does not stop them from exceeding in esports or engaging in their hobby. Supportive adaptions to the sim racing gear of a disabled person also don’t have to cost a fortune. Hand-control options for throttle and brake, for example, come in various forms and price classes. In case you want some inspiration, we collected our suggestions for you down below.

Most of these hand-control adaptive options are not custom-made and can be purchased on the official website of the respective manufacturer. For tailored gear such as the SimAbility ring option, there might currently be limited availability, even though the provider still takes e-mail requests.

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