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The Best Remastered Vintage Simracing Tracks

Sometimes, a racing game features a fictional track so good that it remains etched into the minds of fans. Some of these simracing tracks are so good that franchises have to bring them back in a remastered form. Here are the best ones.

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Fictional circuits are a huge part of why racing fans gravitate to certain franchises. Whether you’re a Mario Kart desperate for the vintage Rainbow Road layouts, or a Gran Turismo fan longing for the return of the Autumn Ring, it’s these venues that maintain a player base.

Often in racing games, these vintage sim racing tracks attract players so much that developers decide to remaster them. Bringing circuits back from the dead isn’t an easy thing to do. Game designers have to retain the same atmosphere that was so dearly loved in previous iterations all while refreshing the look for a more modern game.

This process isn’t always a success as fans may be left complaining about a ruined original. But on a more positive note, here’s a rundown of the best remastered simracing tracks, in a variety of games.

MillsMetro Remastered in rF2

Akin to the real-world Melbourne circuit used by Formula 1, Mills Metropark is a semi-permanent street circuit originally seen in the first rFactor game. With chicanes that reward good rhythm and allow plenty of side-by-side battles, this has always been a popular layout.

Obviously the simracing community was pleased when this fictional venue returned to the rFactor series. The popular circuit joined rFactor 2 post-launch allowing fans to enjoy this technical vintage track in remastered state. Furthermore, with the much-improved rF2 tyre physics over the first game, driving here is now a much more entertaining experience.

Originally rebuilt in 2013, the track is starting to show its age once again. Updates from time to time have kept the circuit alive, but hopefully we’ll see this track get its third renewal in the near future.

CocaCola Super Speedway: Remastered Sim Racing Track

Back during the good old days of Papyrus NASCAR games, the sim racing community had access to a ridiculously fast circuit. Absurdly high banks, infinitely long straights and a wide racing surface all made the CocaCola Super Speedway a legend.

Those days may be long behind us, but the circuit lives on. Papyrus Design Group is where much of the current iRacing Senior team comes from. As such, back in Season 1 of 2021, iRacing got its own remastered version of this iconic sim racing track. Dropping the Coca Cola branding, it is now called the iRacing Super Speedway and often hosts rounds of the service’s oval series.

Faster and longer than Daytona, this track either offers immense pack racing or enormous crashes. Just the skill of the drivers racing decides.

Grand Valley Speedway

The most recent example of a game developer reintroducing a track that has been missing from a franchise is Grand Valley Speedway. Originally a staple of the Gran Turismo series of games, this fast-flowing circuit skipped a release with Gran Turismo Sport.

With the game’s most recent update however, it has returned to being a PlayStation only release. Compared to the other venues on this list, Grand Valley went through a drastic change when joining GT7.

Conserving the same layout mixing fast sections and twisty complexes, the overall look of the circuit has changed dramatically. Whereas in the past, it was a dedicated, permanent circuit, it now runs on a coastal mountain road somewhere in the desert. The concrete barriers have disappeared with guardrails replacing them. Gone too are the grandstands and pit buildings.

While this new version of Grand Valley totally alters the track’s feeling, fans seem to enjoy it. It seems Polyphony is one of the only studios able to completely change a classic without disappointing fans.

Maple Valley Raceway Returns for FM7

Throughout the early days of Forza Motorsport, one track that captured hearts more than any other was Maple Valley Raceway. It’s similar to Gran Turismo’s Autumn Ring thanks to its long-radius curves and figure-of-eight layout.

Unfortunately, the track left the series after the fourth game leaving fans in despair. But all that changed in 2017 when Forza Motorsport 7 released. The most recent iteration of the franchise brought back this legendary fan favourite and it is set to stay. The typically American venue with its grassy run-offs features in footage for the upcoming Forza Motorsport game.

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