10 Reasons Why you Should Play Automobilista 2

You may have heard of Automobilista 2, but have you actually played it? Here are ten reasons why we think you should.

Photo credit: Reiza Studios

There are a few names which stand above the rest in terms of the most serious racing simulators. Assetto Corsa, iRacing and rFactor 2 are three of the biggest names in the genre, but there are still a few other simulators worthy of consideration. One of these comes from Brazilian developer Reiza Studios, and its name is Automobilista 2. You may have heard of AMS2, but the chances are that you haven’t actually played it. Here are ten reasons why we think you should!

A Hidden Gem?

Automobilista 2 recently received an update courtesy of its developers, version 1.3. In the past, we here at OverTake haven’t always been so positive about the game, but this new version has gone a long way to changing our minds. This is in no small part down to the changes that were made to the physics engine of the game. As you may be aware, the physics of a game can be a total make-or-break factor, and in version 1.3 Reiza have made some seriously positive steps.

Another aspect of the game which has been improved with the latest patch is the force feedback system, which determines the vibrational responses the game gives players in accordance with their driving. A good force feedback system gives you a great sense of exactly when the car is struggling, or when you’re driving on a bumpy surface, for example. The new force feedback works well for us, but of course this is a somewhat subjective issue.

There are also plenty of things about Automobilista 2 which were already great before the most recent update. The variety in both car and track selection is a joy to behold, and in particular you can find some obscure and interesting vehicles that you would struggle to find in any other sim. Of course, some of the cars and tracks are DLCs for which you will have to shell out some extra cash, but that’s to be expected in this day and age.

These are just a few of our ten reasons we would recommend that you give Automobilista 2 a go. To find out what the others are, as well as to hear about these ones in more depth and with visual aids, take a look at our video now!

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