6 thrilling overtakes you need to watch

6 thrilling overtakes you need to watch

Overtaking is an art which requires dozens of hours of practice.

Photo credit: Slightly Mad Studios

Overtaking can be tricky at times. It requires mid or long-term planning, patience and the guts to pull it off. Every racing game features these iconic moments

We collected some very impressive, funny and (more or less) successful overtaking maneuvers that you really don’t see every day.

Kerkhof takes the lead

The V10 R-League is one of the most innovative esports racing formats at the moment. In the competition, two teams compete against one another. One discipline is a 1v1 between two racers. In this clip, Atze Kerkhof shows off with this maneuver, overtaking his opponent from YAS HEAT.

Good things come to those who wait

Patience is a virtue. In this clip we see streamer Walker ‘wallballs’ Cayton trailing behind two opponents. “I don’t feel like I’m fast enough,” commentates the racer when it happens: both of them mess up a turn which boosts wallballs to P2. He is visibly delighted about this fortuitous little accident.

Disabling opponent by making them laugh

In this clip from the Twitch channel CyanidePlaysGames, we see the streamer playing Assetto Corsa Competizione. While taking a corner, his opponent goes for a very… let’s say drastic strategy, as he ‘overtakes’ Cyanide by just ignoring the turn. The streamer bursts into contagious laughter and doesn’t manage to keep on driving. Remember this trick next time you want to render an opponent unable to compete.


Well, strictly, the next clip does not deal with overtaking per se. However, we think that avoiding a mass crash can be attributed to this category as well. Also, there are rarely more nerve-wracking moments in esports racing than dodging spinning cars while overtaking them. Twitch streamer Quirkitized shows how it’s done properly!

Albon does ‘the Verstappen’

If we talk about overtakes, we also need to address ones that failed but made for ridiculous moments. In this clip, F1 stars and real-life friends Charles Leclerc and Alexander Albon are engaged in a tough battle for P1. Just when Leclerc is about to overtake his friend and rival, Albon defends with a move they call “the Verstappen”, as it spookily resembled Max’s robust defense against Leclerc in the real-life race last season. Hilarious!

Ultra late braking into overtake

Braking late is super risky, as you may very well not make the turn. Twitch streamer Aero performed this bold maneuver on Project CARS 3. While Aero manages to stage an overtake, his opponent gets way more momentum exiting the turn which leads to a photo finish between the two.

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