The most awesome original tracks of Gran Turismo

The most awesome original tracks of Gran Turismo

Tokyo’s Highway, Croatia’s coast, and racing in the Grand Valley. Here are some of GT‘s most famous original tracks.

Photo Credit: GT Sports

It’s a trademark of the Gran Turismo series. The original tracks featured in the game’s long and prestigious history are among every GT descendant’s highlights. With the current hype for Gran Turismo 7, which is expected to arrive in 2022, we wanted to revisit old stomping grounds and newer banger circuits to get a feeling of what may be coming.

The term original track herein describes the circuits which are featured in Gran Turismo but not in real life. Their layouts are entirely fictional yet often refer to their supposed location or even use their characteristics.

Friends from the past

Some of the OG exclusive tracks of Gran Turismo seem to be present in the major games of the series. That’s why the two familiar friends of Trial Mountain and the Grand Valley Speedway found their way into our list in no time. From the original Gran Turismo all the way through to Gran Turismo 6, they have introduced racers to the game and tested their abilities.

Especially the Grand Valley Speedway holds a special place in the heart of many fans. The circuit in the supposed sunny side of California is built to amaze. Even though many different versions of the track exist, there is no favourite for most players. The setting, feeling and mix of fast and slow corners make the Grand Valley Speedway unique.

Sporting a change

With the release of GT Sports, another part of the Gran Turismo chapter was written. Even though it is not a “major” Gran Turismo title like GT6, it still did the community a great service and sparked the creation of a couple of memorable track ideas. Head and shoulders above everything is the Tokyo Expressway. The street circuit resembles the real-life highway of the Japanese capital. With the great graphics and light effects of GT Sports the game delivers the setting so well that even racing circuit purists love this idea.

The track comes in five configurations that each feature unique assets. These are known as loops. The Central Inner Loop is shaped like an oval, while the South Outer Loop offers a completely different experience.

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