Esports racing content creators you need to know

Esports racing content creators you need to know

Informative tutorials and crazy racing action: esports racing YouTubers offer all kinds of content. YouTube is a platform for a range of esports racing YouTubers. Whether you prefer hardware reviews, tutorials, casual let’s plays or crazy challenges, there will be a content creator to your liking. To give you new channels to explore and binge-watch, we collected some of the most popular and creative content creators.

This article is all about YouTubers who have a focus on esports racing. If you are interested in the most entertaining YouTubers who produce content about casual racing games in general, let us know on Twitter!


Australian Benjamin Daly, better known as Tiametmarduk, has gathered over half a million subscribers which makes him one of the most successful content creators in the realm of esports racing. The 27-year old focuses on F1 games, but also produces videos about other series, such as DiRT or Project Cars. On top of that, he is under contract with the professional esports racing team Veloce Esports – so he is just as skilled as he is entertaining.

Jimmy Broadbent

Jimmy Broadbent, also known as the Jimmer, arguably counts as the most popular esports racing YouTuber – even though the term does not do his activities justice. He not only uploads simple let’s plays, but also works as a commentator, tries out crazy challenges and mods, participates in tournaments, makes vlogs and much more. While Assetto Corsa is his to-go simulator, he also plays basically every other game as long as he gets to drive a vehicle and can cause some mischief – or set impressive records.

Boosted Media

Will Ford covers another essential aspect of esports racing on his channel Boosted Media: hardware reviews. The Australian YouTuber shares his expertise on the best wheels, pedals, settings for your rig – everything you need to know to build the best esports racing area. But even viewers who are not as skilled in tinkering can find great content to watch: Boosted Media also has videos about the gorgeous rigs in action with let’s plays, especially in iRacing.

Matt Malone

“Hi, I’m Matt Malone and I stream iRacing”. What more is there to know? Matt Malone is a Twitch streamer with over 41,000 followers. He uploads his content on YouTube, where he has nearly as many subscribers. The iRacing driver co-founded GripTV together with Jimmy Broadbent. GripTV is a network that aims to promote esports racing and to support the community – not just in iRacing, but across all titles.


Mike from SimRacing604 plays a range of different racing sims, as his name already suggests. While other YouTubers create chaotic content for entertainment, SimRacing604 is more on the serious side. He also offers educational content such as tips and tricks, tutorials, or the best hero-track combinations in different games.

Chris Haye

British content creator Chris Haye has a weakness for Assetto Corsa. While his videos surrounding AC mods are his most popular ones, he also dives into other games. On top of that, he creates detailed reviews about games or hardware, as well as tutorials.


Jaroslav Honzik alias Jardier is known as the “gentleman of sim racing”. He promotes fair play wherever he can – for example with his YouTube channel. His main games are Assetto Corsa Competizione, Project CARS 2 as well as RaceRoom. But no matter which title he plays, he always brings his positive attitude and shows the fun part of racing while still being competitive.


Virtual Reality, simulations, PC Gaming and crazy racing action: GamerMuscle’s core content is all about racing simulations with proficiency in VR titles. When he is not driving laps in the most realistic sessions in Project Cars, he also produces crazy videos like driving with a banana in Assetto Corsa or spends his time in the air in the Flight Simulator.

Ermin Hamidovic

Ermin Hamidovic offers a range of esports racing content, with lots of reviews and opinion pieces. He does not shy away from voicing strong and maybe even controversial viewpoints, but is able to provide profound reasoning with his expertise. Apart from discussion videos, he also tackles challenges and experiments, such as lap records.

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