Five changes we want for MotoGP 21

Five changes we want for MotoGP 21

Only two months separate us from the next MotoGP game that will be released on April 22. Here are five changes we want to see in MotoGP 21, from better AIs to prettier looks.

Photo credit: Milestone / MotoGP

Italian developer Milestone shared a trailer for the upcoming MotoGP 21 game this Thursday, February 18. The title will portray the official MotoGP world championship, including the season’s drivers, teams and circuits. Release date for the game is April 22, 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The game can already be pre-ordered on the official MotoGP homepage.

Five changes we want to see in MotoGP 21

MotoGP 20 was already a great and enjoyable game with lots of content to offer. However, there is always room for improvement so here are four things we at OverTake want to see for the next title.

1. Finetune the AI

While MotoGP’s AI became gradually better throughout the series, it is still not the perfect opponent to race against. Increasing the difficulty simply increases the speed and doesn’t really influence the AI’s race strategy. Sometimes, your opponents will go super aggressive and try to violently ram into you to kick you from the track.

To really improve and to have an actual enjoyable experience, the AI needs to be competitive and fast. We need a real challenge, but also a fair one.

2. Bring the graphics to the next level

The current MotoGP edition is by no means horrible to look at, but it’s missing the WOW-factor. Some tracks feel a little bit “empty” when you take your eyes off the tarmac and glance at the landscape. In close-ups, textures can become a slightly blurry at times. Overall, more attention to detail could really enhance the atmosphere and make the racing experience more life-like.

3. Rework the respawn system

Not everyone might agree on this point, but we think the respawn system could be changed. If you crash, you have to wait for your bike to stop sliding, walk towards it and remount it manually. While this procedure is quite realistic, it can detract from the fun as it takes ages to hop back onto your bike.

Especially for newer players who are prone to crashing, it can be frustrating. It may not even be your fault that you landed on the ground, as you were driving carefully but another racer rammed into you. As it is a simulation, many fans were happy about the new feature. It can get annoying at times though.

4. Make it more welcoming for beginners

This series is for hardcore motorbike fans, so those who know how to actually ride a bike will definitely get a lot from it. For beginners however, MotoGP is difficult to get into. The bikes feel weighty, braking is extremely tricky, a flood of factors like weather changes and surfaces force you to adjust all the time. A lot of the finer mechanics are hard to understand.

The new game could include more tutorials for complete newbies. The Gran Turismo series for example comes with a long career mode to teach players how to drive properly. A new challenge mode that gives more step-by-step tutorials and tricks on how to master the controls might attract and keep more players.

5. Include a co-op mode with splitscreen

Everything is better with a good friend, even cruising some virtual laps. Unfortunately, Milestone removed the splitscreen mode after MotoGP 17. There is currently no option to enjoy racing against your friends on a relaxing gaming-session on the couch which we see as a missed opportunity.

What changes do you want to see in MotoGP 21? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!