Forza Horizon 5 Five Handy Tips for Beginners

Forza Horizon 5: Five Handy Tips for Beginners

Forza Horizon 5

Are you new to the Forza Horizon franchise, but looking to get stuck in to Forza Horizon 5? Use these tips to help you on your way!

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Forza Horizon 5 is taking the racing game world by storm, with its wide car selection, beautiful graphics and landscapes and its enjoyable gameplay. As such, there will be many players who are looking to pick up a Forza Horizon game for the first time. Here are some handy hints for beginners dipping their toes into the immersive world of Forza Horizon 5.

Customise your Assists

Forza 5 Handy settings
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One of the first things you ought to be doing as a new player is working out which assists you can and can’t do without. In general, minimising your assist usage should end up in a more interesting and rewarding experience in the long run, so if you feel that you can do without traction control, for example, then go ahead and disable it.

What’s more, some assists, traction control included, yield more experience points if you play with them disabled, so there’s some extra incentive. At the end of the day, though, the most important thing is to find your own sweet spot where you feel comfortable and the game feels enjoyable. One last thing, to make sure you’re getting an accurate understanding of your preferred assist settings, it’s a good idea to try them out on a reliable, solid surface such as a road. Bumpier surfaces will make the driving more difficult and unpredictable, so it will be harder to tell what is down to assists and what is just down to the awkward surface.

Turn Up the Difficulty (If you can)

As with turning off assists, Forza Horizon 5 gives players a good reason to race with higher difficulties, as winning a race on a high difficulty setting will garner a greater credits payout. That being said, don’t just turn the difficulty all the way up in search of credits if you aren’t ready to do so. Try to find the level at which you can win, but where it isn’t too easy.

Invest in your Cars

Forza 5 Handy Cars

Perhaps this one is a little obvious, but it’s a good idea to invest your resources into improving your cars, especially early on. Each car has a number of upgrades to choose from, each of which will increase the car’s level of performance in one way or another. After all, a faster car is more likely to win races, and what’s the best way to earn credits in Forza Horizon 5? That’s right, winning races. It’s a money factory!

Pay Attention to Player House Perks

Forza 5 Handy Player Hous Perk
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In Forza Horizon 5, you can buy player houses. Some of these offer a unique perk if you purchase it. Examples of these perks include the ability to fast travel, which could become useful after you’ve already spent a lot of time exploring, or a free daily Wheelspin, which is a great way of bolstering your credit income and expanding your garage.

Do You

Okay, this is probably a little cheesy, but at the end of the day the most important thing is that you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t get too bogged down in the main storyline if all you want to do is explore the expansive Mexican landscapes. It’s also a good idea not to worry too much about maximising your credit income if you just want to cruise to victory in some races and pull off some cool stunts. Open world games allow you the freedom to explore for a reason, so get out there and have some fun!


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