3 Ways Gran Turismo 7 Could be Better

3 Ideas to Improve Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

PlayStation gamers probably haven’t left their racing chair since midnight on 4 March but despite the success, Gran Turismo 7 is not without its flaws. Here are three of them.Image credit: Polyphony Digital

It’s safe to say that Gran Turismo 7 has been an resounding success. Since its launch on Friday 4 March, there has been no escaping the PlayStation racing title anywhere you go online.

All of us are enjoying the game, and are in the process of grinding to get all the cars, tracks and features unlocked.

But unfortunately, there are some aspects about the new game that leave a few things to be desired. Hopefully Polyphony Digital will be able to rectify them in future updates, so let’s detail some of them here.

Players are Unable to sell cars

The main aim of the new game is to get through car collections which you can do by finishing in the top three in specific races to unlock a car, which is actually very generous. But let’s say players get given a car they bought from the used car dealership, they then cannot sell the car they bought.

On Gran Turismo Sport, once a player recieved a gift car that they already owned after purchasing it through Brand Central (assuming they used in-game credits and not real life money), they could then sell the car and, while they didn’t get the entire amount of money they spent acquiring the car in the first place, they would still receive a decent amount they could then put into getting another car.

Players can’t even sell the cars they paid in-game credits for. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

But on Gran Turismo 7, players can only discard a car. They don’t get even a single credit back from the car they previously bought, and credits are already very hard to come by on GT7.

With the very small amount of money players can earn from the admittedly short races, this feature seems really unnecessary and does Polyphony no favours against the claims that they’re attempting to push microtransactions. Especially since with the money players can buy for in-game credits, a 20,000,000 credit car would cost roughly the equivalent of $214!

Online lobby limitations

On Gran Turismo Sport, if a player forgot to enable a certain mechanic even if it’s something as simple as restricting drivers to Sports: Hard tyres, fixing it was as effortless as opening up Event Settings and rectifying that. But from what we can tell, that convenience does not exist in Gran Turismo 7, and we cannot fathom why.

You can view them, but you can’t change the event settings in Gran Turismo 7 multiplayer lobbies. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

After loading up a lobby, it’s impossible to change the settings. So if a group of players enter a lobby for a race and one thing isn’t correct, everyone has to back out whilst that thing is fixed. Why Polyphony felt the need to get rid of this, who knows?

The official Gran Turismo website did give details on what will come to the game in the future, which included more lobby options.

Shut up, Luca!

We all know who Luca is. The person in the GT Café who you report to in order to complete objectives and progress through the game, subjecting you to his blabbering on about the history of the cars you’ve collected. It’s probably very interesting to a lot of players, but if you’re trying to grind the game and have no interest in knowing anything more about the cars, you can’t progress until Luca has finished his spiel.

We have all been there. We all know a Luca in our lives who blabbers about pointless information you have no interest in and you wish you could tell them to zip it, but you’re too kind to say so (I should know, I’m a Luca, both in name and in character description).

Luca, not everyone cares enough to listen. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

We are not saying that Polyphony should get rid of Luca’s anecdotes about the cars, but it shouldn’t be compulsory to sit through his speeches every time you want to move on to your next objective. Forcing this onto players in order to progress will just make certain people resent it and spam the cross button like people playing Pokémon games will spam through the opening dialogue teaching the basics.

We just want to go do the thing in the game we want to do! We want to drive. If players want to learn about the cars, feel free to include an option where Luca tells all but don’t make it compulsory.

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