Great esports racing podcasts you should know about

Great esports racing podcasts you should know about

There plenty of awesome esports racing podcasts out there. Here is a list of our favorites.

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Nitro Nights Stories

After already airing the “Nitro Nights” show, you will now also find our podcast “Nitro Nights Stories” on OverTake. With Melek “m3lly” Balgün as the host, “Nitro Nights Stories” will air every two weeks live on Twitch and will cover most esports racing topics.

The Race Esports Podcast

With COVID-19 making real-world racing events impossible, The Race decided to start a podcast about esports racing. The podcast is hosted by Claire Cottingham and commentator Jack Nicholls, with guests like Jimmy Broadbent appearing on a regular basis.

iRacing Downshift

Hosted by Greg West, Kevin Bobbitt, and Chris Leone the “iRacing Downshift” podcast provides all the latest news and in-depth coverage for iRacing as well as other big stories from the racing world. Its first episode aired a year ago on June 14. It usually is about 40 to 50 minutes long and you can listen to it on spreaker.

RaceDepartment podcast

Sim racing website RaceDepartment’s podcast is hosted by Paul Glover and features news about pretty much every sim racing title out there. Unlike other podcasts, it is nearly two hours long and regulary features special guests like the SRO Marketing Manager Anthony Comas. It sadly does not air on a regular basis.

The Motorsport Games Podcast

While not being published on a regular basis, the podcast by “Motorsport Games” is really informative and offers coverage for games like iRacing, F1 or NASCAR Heat. Their first episode was published at the end of May, with the norwegian rally driver Peter Solberg joining as a guest.

TORA Radio Show

The Online Racing Association is the world’s first online motorsport organisation to be recognised by a real-world governing body. But not only that, it also offers a podcast where the hosts Ben, Louis and Ted discuss various different topics and events from the sim racing scene.

The Voice of Veloce

The podcast by Veloce Esports offers many insights into the Veloce Esports team. It is hosted by the teams content manager Haydon Gullis and community manager Mickey. In the last episodes they invited various drivers as well as YouTube and Twitch creators from the Veloce Esports family.

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