The best channels for sim racing enthusiasts

The best channels for sim racing enthusiasts

Wondering where to go to get your sim racing fix? Check out our list of channel recommendations.

Photo credit: Jimmy Broadbent

Sim racing has really taken off in the last few years and there is a whole host of YouTube channels devoted to the topic. The choice may seem overwhelming – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our list of the best sim racing YouTube channels featuring everything from old favorites to relative newbies who you may not have heard about.

Jimmy Broadbent

We’ll kickstart this list with one of the kings of sim racing YouTubers who boasts over 600k subscribers. Jimmy Broadbent streams a wide range of content from the shed in his mother’s garden. His videos include everything from endurance racing, to ‘100% playthoughs’ of games such as Gran Turismo 3. In February he announced entering the world of real-life racing by taking part in the Britcar Endurance Championship. Is there no end to this guy’s talents?


James West, otherwise known as “Gamermuscle’, has one of the biggest personalities among sim racing YouTubers. His content includes tests on everything from hardware to games, and he is not afraid to call out products that he deems not up to scratch. He has also featured on Nitro Nights episode 19, where he discussed the pros and cons of VR headsets. Check out his channel for some entertaining content.

Sim Racing Garage

If you’re a hands-on person and like getting down and dirty with technology, then Barry Rowland from Sim Racing Garage has just the right content for you! His videos will help you build and customize your own rig and provide tips on how to tailor it to you specific needs. You’ll have to look elsewhere for racing content, but if tech is your thing then this is the place to be.


Jardier will come as no stranger to fans of the OverTake, as this cheerful Czech YouTuber has created numerous tutorials for our channel and featured as a Nitro Nights guest not once, but twice! The content of his YouTube channel runs in a similar vein, offering tips and tricks for endurance racing and extensive know-how about Assetto Corsa Competitzione in particular.

Lando Norris

Yes,Lando Norris is almost certainly best known as a real-world Formula One driver for McLaren. However, his recent forray into sim racing has seen him become a legend in the virtual world too. Lando has streamed fun races with other drivers such as Charles Leclerc and Alexander Albon via his Twitch account, which have allowed fans to see a more playful side behind the often rather serious F1 facade. For a touch of variety, he streams non-racing games such as Minecraft too.


Last, but by no means least, it’s your hub for all things sim racing: OverTake. Within the space of just one year, our channel has produced over 170 videos ranging from tutorials to hardware reviews. Our regular Nitro Nights and Nitro Nights Stories series bring you closer to the world of virtual racing, while Clash of Racers sees your favorite players and content creators going head-to-head. There’s still much more to come though, so subscribe to our OverTake YouTube channel to catch all our latest uploads!

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