Legendary Formula 1 stars we want for F1 2021

Legendary Formula 1 stars we want for F1 2021

F1 2021

Codemasters recently announced their iconic series for the upcoming F1 2021 game. Here are five legendary Formula 1 stars we want to see featured.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Sven Simon

71 years of Formula 1 has seen many drivers competing against each other on dozens of tracks. While all participants count among the fastest and most skilled drivers in the world, only a few of them manage to go down into the history books as truly legendary contenders. Codemasters recently announced the inclusion of seven of these luminaries for their upcoming F1 2021 game. The developer certainly picked out amazing choices.


However, we think there are more F1 stars that would be a great addition to the game. Here are the five drivers we would love to see featured in the future.

Mika Häkkinen

If we get to race as Michael Schumacher, we definitely need to be able to drive as his biggest rival as well. What would be more entertaining than racing against a friend as the Schumacher / Häkkinen duo? The Finnish icon is one of the most popular F1 drivers from the late 90s era. Together with his racing team McLaren, the Flying Finn claimed two titles as world champion. Häkkinen is also known for his unique driving style, utilising oversteer to succeed on more slippery tracks. Therefore, he would also be an interesting addition to the game regarding control and racecraft.

Juan Manuel Fangio

Sure, the legendary El Maestro might not fit into the current grid at first glance as F1 and the vehicles were so different back in the 50s. However, it would be extremely interesting to imagine how the Argentinian star would perform nowadays. In 1951, Fangio won the second ever F1 world championship. A few years later, he established the milestone of winning five titles in total which was a record unbeaten for 45 years until Schumacher rose to the top. Fangio is ranked as best F1 driver of all time by several sources.

Sir Jackie Stewart

Photo credit: PSParrot Flickr

One of the people who regards Fangio as the best driver of all time is Sir Jackie Stewart. The Scotsman counts as one of the greatest F1 stars himself, and collected three world championship titles in his career. The Flying Scot not only brings amazing driving skills to the table, but is also a great advocate for safety in motorsports and known for his charity work. You cannot race with much more style than when choosing Sir Jackie Stewart: a heroic icon with insanely high racecraft and also a knighthood to his name.

Niki Lauda

Photo credit: AngMoKio

Niki Lauda is one of these drivers that everybody in the world knows – even those who have never watched a single race in their life. He might sport three impressive championship titles in his career, but the true star quality about Lauda is his will to fight and always come back. After a horrible crash in 1976 during a race at the Nürburgring, Lauda was transported to hospital due to severe burns and was read the last rites. Not only did he survive, but he only missed two races before jumping straight back into the car while still wearing bandages. Despite being petrified, he finished fourth. There might not be another driver who is more inspirational in their fighting spirit, so driving with his mentality in F1 2021 would surely bring success.

Nelson Piquet

The Brazilian Piquet is another of only 10 drivers to win at least three world championships – one of them in his very first season. He already stirred up the scene when starting in Formula 3. There, he managed to break Sir Jackie Stewart’s record after winning 9 out of 10 races in 1978. Piquet might have been known for his extroverted personality, but his driving style was quite different. He wasn’t the most dominant and aggressive one in the field, and rather operated under the radar instead. With his focus, intelligence and balance, Lauda credited him as being the best driver at the time in 1985.

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