Mad Cars That Would be at Home in GTA

With the new GTA Online update came plenty of new vehicles, but there’s so many more we would love to see come to the GTA universe.

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More than eight years after its initial release, Grand Theft Auto V is still a best-selling game and has spawned a strong racing community in various forms. You may be thinking why are we bothering talking about GTA as a car game. Well the clue is within the title, Grand Theft Auto, a felony that involves stealing a car.

Yes it’s not just about stealing cars of course, but in any case, the vast number of vehicles in GTA has captured the imagination of players who want to see their favourite cars come to the game. Many vehicles have been added to the game over the years. Anything from supercars like a McLaren Senna and racecars like modern F1 cars, to even wacky cars like a Batmobile, a couple of amphibious cars and even a flying DeLorean.

With the vast number of cars in the world of GTA which are loosely based upon cars in the real world, we felt compelled to come up with a bunch of cars we’d like to see in GTA Online.

Four seater supercar

If you are playing with three of your friends and decide to all get in one car to get from one destination to another as quick as possible, the best bet according to our Hero of the Month for November 2021 and GTA car tester Broughy1322 is the Pegassi Toreador. However since that car is weaponised, you are unable to access it in certain missions so the next best option is the Ocelot Jugular.

A four seater with a very high top speed is a much needed addition to GTA Online, and there’s a few avenues to go down. You could have the Bugatti 16C Galibier which was a four-door concept based on the Veyron, or the four-seat Koenigsegg model that was first revealed only recently, the Gemera.

A Koenigsegg Gemera.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Swedish car manufacturer leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating mad cars but this takes it to a whole new level. The Gemera is powered by a surprisingly small engine: a 2.0-litre Inline-3. But, it does have two turbochargers and three electric motors which altogether produce an astonishing 1,700 horsepower. Yet that’s not the most absurd part about it.

The car is apparently powered by a methonal-based fuel called Vulcanol, which is created by capturing carbon from volcanoes. Yes, this car is powered by volcanic fuel, which sounds like something out of a future dystopian movie, and considering all the flying bikes in GTA right now, does not sound too out of place for this world.

So what would it be called in GTA? Koenigsegg’s GTA equivalent is called Överflöd, and since Koenisegg is Swedish and this car is powered by volcanic-based fuel, how about naming it after the Norse god of fire? Surtr. Or alternatively the Swedish for ‘volcanic’, being vulkanisk. The Överflöd Surtr or the Överflöd Vulkanisk.

So that’s for if you are in a mission with four players, but what if you’re in a full lobby and you wanted to get everyone in one vehicle?

The ultimate in mass travel

GTA Online lobbies can currently house up to 30 players on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game. The most players you can get actively seated in a land vehicle on the game is 16 in the Bus and Airport Bus, which is the number of players you could have in a lobby on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game (the servers of which were shut down on 16 December). It may be a novelty, but how about a car which can seat a full lobby of 30 players?

Whilst any old bus can deliver multiple people easily, it doesn’t really deliver any excitement. What’s that spark (no pun intended) that will get people to be like “WOW!”? Well, that was many people’s reaction when they saw the final episode of The Grand Tour‘s first season. They were in the United Arab Emirates and they showed a picture of this, the Superbus.

A SuperBus measuring 15 metres in length.
Image credit: Wikipedia

This mad machine can seat 23 people and go onto dedicated highways at its maximum speed of 250 km/h between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, completing the 120 kilometre journey in less than 30 minutes. We just have to have one of these in the game, can you imagine getting all players in a lobby into one car? It would probably only be reserved for content creators hosting open lobbies of course, like we said it would be a bit of a novelty. But nevertheless, there should be one of these.

Since the Superbus is electric-powered, it should be put under the criminally underrepresented Hijak brand. Currently, the only two Hijak cars in GTA are the Khamelion (based on a Fisker Karma) and the Ruston (based on a VUHL 05, not even an electric car…), so the Superbus would be another Hijak. Then for the name of the model itself, about which there’s a slight issue.

We would have gone for Hermes after the Greek god of travel, but there’s already a pre-existing car in GTA Online with that name which is based on the Hudson Hornet. So unless someone can come up with a better name, this one may have to wait until the next GTA game. If you’ve got a good name suggestion for this one, give us a comment down below.

Extreme and unstoppable

There are plenty of Off-Road vehicles in the game but there are still not that many that can scale great inclines, and there are always people trying to climb the famous Mount Chiliad near the top of the GTA 5 map. Some are better than others when it comes to scaling steep inclines, some particularly good vehicles for off-roading include the Vapid Desert Raid and Maxwell Vagrant.

But what if you want something with such immediate power and which can scale absolutely anything (to an extent) with no issue at all? How about an electric-powered off-road SUV based on the Spark Odyssey 21 used in Extreme E and the Audi RSQ e-Tron that is going to be entering the 2022 Dakar Rally?

The Spark Odyssey 21 used in Extreme E.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve ever driven a car in GTA Online called the Coil Cyclone (which is based on the Rimac Concept One), you’ll know that the acceleration of that car is like nothing else. Be prepared whenever you press the acceleration button in that car, because if there’s something ahead that seems far enough away for you to avoid in any other car, you will hit it with the Cyclone. That’s the performance you would get with this car.

As for its name, how about the X-Trekker? X referring to the ‘Extreme’ like in Extreme E and Trekker because of how it can go on arduous journeys. Like the previous vehicle on this list, it would fall under the in-game manufacturer Hijak. It would go in the SUV class and be usable in Off-Road races since a lot of vehicles that fall under one class can get used in those races, and it may very well be dominant in all of them albeit not in terms of top speed due to its electric motor.

Lean machine

Anyone remember that item on Top Gear many years ago with a half bike half car? That vehicle was the Carver One and it originates from the Netherlands, and it goes without saying that it absolutely should come to GTA.

It may not be that fast, but just the sheer hilarity of driving a vehicle which leans like it does would just be so appealing. There are a few three-wheelers in the game already such as the BF Raptor, the Nagasaki Chimera, the Western Rampant Rocket and the Nagasaki Stryder. However none of them drive like this.

The original Carver One from 2003 leaning.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

In terms of styling, the Carver isn’t exactly very gainly and it does look a bit ‘out there’. However, whilst the original from 2003 looks that way, it recently received a bit of an update wherein Carver completely overhauled the styling and also transformed it into an electric vehicle. So style-wise, it could be the new Carver EV with elements from another small city runabout, the Renault Twizy with its amazing doors.

So what would it be called? Well there’s only one GTA brand that comes to mind. Since the Carver is Dutch, the only Dutch brand in GTA is Vysser which is based on Spyker and currently only has one car, the Neo which is based on a C8 Aerelion. Then for the model name itself, the Dutch word for tilt is ‘Kantelen’, which is just perfect! The Vysser Kantelen.

Humourously shaped racecar

Rockstar aren’t afraid to give their in-game brands and cars funny and extreme names such as Sprunk, Speedophile and Enus, this car is the perfect place to employ some of that humour. If you remember back to 2012, a rather interesting car appeared at the 24 hours of Le Mans with an incredibly unusual shape. That car being the DeltaWing.

It went on to find its home in the American sportscar scene, starring in the 2012 running of the Petit Le Mans. After a horror crash in qualifying, the car came back to finish fifth in a remarkable recovery, and the car continued to race up until the end of 2016. There was even a coupé version developed.

Unfortunately, it never won a race during its run in the American Sportscar championship. Plus there were plenty of lawsuits between Panoz (who ran the car) and Nissan (who provided the engine in the first year and subsequently took the original designer Ben Bowlby and created the near-identical ZEOD RC), which have resulted in the failure to produce a road-going version and the car has never appeared properly in a game since Gran Turismo 6.

The DeltaWing coupe model.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Since GTA doesn’t use real cars, there’s no potential legal issues here. After all, it was Frank Stephenson who said the GTA design philosophy was “Take two cars, mash them together and pray like hell you don’t get sued“. So anyway, onto the car itself.

When the DeltaWing first raced, enlisted the help of a car customiser to develop their own road-going version of the car. They humorously named it the DeltaWang, since from a birdseye-view the car does have a certain familiar shape to it. As such, it seems fitting to have the car feature the word ‘wang’ in its name, but how about we go a step further? This is GTA after all, so we should up the humour just a little bit more.

Since this car had its first major race in the Petit Le Mans, how about calling it the PetitWang? The word petit is French for little, so I’m sure you get where we’re going with this. As for what brand it would fall under, well the obvious answer is Nissan’s GTA equivalent Annis but because it was never actually Nissan’s model, it would probably be more fitting to put it under an American brand.

Engine from a plane

If you go to the street where the Bob Mulét hairdressers is situated and walk to your south, you can find a car showroom. You can’t walk inside it but the interior is detailed enough to make out what’s there, and on the windows are names of in-game brands that make exotic GTA cars.

Pfister (which is GTA‘s equivalent of Porsche), Grotti (Ferrari), Enus (Rolls Royce/Bentley) and Pegassi (Lamborghini) have their names on the windows, but there is one odd one out, and that’s Buckingham. For those of you who play GTA, Buckingham don’t have a car to their name and are instead known for planes like the Luxor and helicopters like the Swift. So what they’re doing on the windows of a car showroom, we don’t know.

Would it not be great to have a car from this brand? But not just any old car. Anyone remember that item on Top Gear in which they featured two cars that used engines from World War II fighter planes? We were thinking for Buckingham’s entry into the automotive world would be that Spitfire-engined Bentley, the Petersen 27-Litre Meteor.

The Petersen 27-litre Meteor which resembles a Blower Bentley.
Image credit:

Buckingham’s first car would be called the Fighter, of course referencing fighter planes. The only trouble is, what class would this car go in?

In GTA, the car classes are Utility, Vans, Compacts, Coupes, Muscle, Sedans, SUVs, Sports Classics, Off-Road, Tuners, Sports, Supers and Open Wheel. The most fitting for this car would be Sports Classics, but it probably won’t be troubling the Turismo Classic at the top of that class. It won’t be hugely quick, but it’ll certainly be difficult to drive.

What car would you love to see come to Grand Theft Auto? Tell us on Twitter at @overtake_gg or in the comments down below!

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